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Where to sell second-hand nappies, wraps etc?

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Leo35 Sat 20-Apr-13 20:55:10

Hi I wondered if I could pick your brains as to where you sell your second-hand items? I have tried NCT Nearly New Sales in the past and I was not successful in selling much at all. Is it worth trying out the MN For Sale board, or better on the Local Talk classifieds? Or did you find more local outlets eg. Supermarket For Sale boards a better bet?

I have to admit the thought of trying to use eBay makes my heart sink. It seems so full of pitfalls. Or am I entirely wrong in this view?!

Advice gratefully received.

glorious Sat 20-Apr-13 22:16:46

I bought some on cloth nappy tree - lots on there. Not sure of terms for selling.

Floweryhat Sat 20-Apr-13 22:17:30

I've had good success with

Floweryhat Sat 20-Apr-13 22:18:00

They are banned on ebay

DoingTheSwanThing Sat 20-Apr-13 22:33:25

eBay, but you have to specify used in the description as the only option they give is new. I don't think it's "banned" though. smileI've bought a fair few from there.
There are a few Facebook groups for buying & selling. Most people use PayPal on there so at least you save the eBay fees. Easy to upload pictures etc from your phone. Try pre-loved cloth nappies, seems like quite an active board.
And cloth nappy tree as mentioned above. Trickier to upload photos though since you have to host them elsewhere.

KB02 Sat 20-Apr-13 22:40:08

We bought our cloth nappies through pre-loved, if that helps.

Leo35 Sun 21-Apr-13 16:30:30

Hi everyone. Many thanks for your advice and info. I have checked out the sites: looks like online is the way to go!

Many thanks once again.

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