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Newborn and toddler in reusable nappies

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JamieCat Wed 17-Apr-13 17:58:21

I am expecting my second child when DS is just 2 (in about 2 months time) and fully anticipate them both being in nappies together as DS is showing no signs at the moment of being ready ffor potty training. I use bumgenius at the moment, we have 20 and I wash every other day.

So my question is how many more nappies would you recommend I get (I was thinking 10 more initially?) And how did you cope with washing nappies? Did you end up washing a load every day?


youmaycallmeSSP Thu 18-Apr-13 10:11:54

I think it will depend on the kind of nappy you're using and how big your washing machine is. My newborn got through easily 10 nappies a day, down to about 7 at three months and 5-6 now she's five months (we use disposables overnight).

I would probably get a pre-loved newborn set as they're in them for such a short time, then invest in more regular nappies. If your machine could handle an extra 20 nappies in an every other day wash then that's great but I know mine couldn't!

CatWithKittens Mon 22-Apr-13 11:42:45

We used Terries and had up to 4 children in nappies at the same time and as many as 3 in day time nappies for a few months together. With the second one, as far as I can remember we bought another dozen to add to the 24 we had bought originally and the old Harringtons squares my mother had used on me - which were better than any modern ones. After later arrivals to add to those two and had anything between 24 and 30 nappies a day we simply washed more often - at least every day and sometimes twice a day though we did buy washing machines with the biggest drum available for the domestic market. Good luck with it - it really is not that difficult once you get into a routine and we saved thousands of pounds.

slackdan Wed 24-Apr-13 14:17:26

I would have thought another 10 would do it. You'll probably end up washing every day anyway initially what with sick covered baby grows, muslin etc. but it'll soon go back to normal.

Our machine is normal size & copes perfectly well with 2 nappy buckets full. I think if you're happy with BG buy some more. We've been happy with them & they popper down really well for a newborn in our experience.

An alternative would be Baba+Boo which we love equally. They're a popper fastening but, again, a really good fit on a new born. Better still, they're a lot cheaper.

JamieCat Tue 30-Apr-13 11:25:03

Thanks everyone! Have ordered some more BG (luckily on offer for real nappy week) and will have a look at Baba and boo.
I have been so pleased with reusables so far so glad to hear not too hard to use for two.

smaths Tue 30-Apr-13 11:31:41

I'm in exactly the same boat - dd will be 2 when bump is born. I was thinking of getting a set of 10 or maybe 15 second hand size 1 bamboozles or little lambs and using them in the hope that dd had potty trained by the time they are outgrown. I fully expect to have to wash a load pretty much every day though for the first 3 months at least. I much prefer sized nappies for teenies but use bumgenius and little lamb pockets now for dd

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