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20 Lollipop Pop 'n' Gro nappies - Size 1 FOR SALE

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riverflow78 Mon 08-Apr-13 14:25:55

Hi there smile


20 Lollipop Pop 'n' Gro nappies, size 1.
Used but in excellent condition.
5 turquoise, 5 yellow, 5 white and 5 spotty
£1 per nappy or £18 for the lot, plus postage

Suitable for 7lbs (newborn) - 20lbs.

These are pocket nappies with two boosters included with every nappy - add one or two at a time to the pocket to obtain the right level of absorbency for your baby. The smaller booster is ideal for a newborn, then use the longer booster as your baby gets bigger.

Great nappies if:

- you don't have a lot of room for line drying - quick dry fabric
- you want to tumble dry
- you don't want to use a plastic wrap.
- you want colours suitable for boys and girls - I have turquoise, yellow, white and spotty


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