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Washing Charlie banana nappies

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GrottyPotPlant Thu 04-Apr-13 21:53:24

I am just getting to grips with cloth nappies for my new pfb son. I did the nappy lady questionnaire, and she suggested bambinex teddies or Charlie banana for day, and bumbles for night, with bamboo inserts for extra soakage. I really like the bumbles and the Charlie bananas, BUT the Charlie bananas say you should wash them at 40 max. Their website does say you can use vinegar to help keep them fresh, but elsewhere I've read that is bad for bamboo. Everywhere seems to say you shouldn't use napisan, or similar as it damges the nappies. So, I am full of questions and worries!

First, is 40 really hygienic??

Is ecover laundry bleach one of the napsisan type things you shouldn't use?
How about tea tree oil?

And Can I put any non nappy items into a 40 wash with nappies? Eg muslins, changing mats, clothes. Or should I be quarantining a bums only wash?

Argh! Or am I just over thinking this, and should just wash away at 60 ( or 40) and stop fretting!!

NappyHappy Thu 04-Apr-13 22:02:35

Hi! I've got some Charlie's and wash them at 60 :-) they get chucked in with the rest of the nappies and rarely tumble dry the outer bit and don't wash them with anything else other than nappies. Some people do though.

Aren't Bumbles ace?

Lavender oil is also anti bacterial and I've been using Miofresh in with the detergent too.

For stains, the sun (and moon) is your friend. If you can't hang stained fluff on the line put it on the windowsill whilst still wet and after a day or few it'll be white again.

rrreow Fri 05-Apr-13 13:42:48

I was my nappies at 40C and have had no problems. They come out clean, no smell. Occasionally I do a 60C wash (about once or twice a month). I always put them on a rise first and if I want to add something else (muslins, towels, clothes etc) I add it after the rinse.

I wouldn't use anything with bleach in it on nappies as it would really affect the fibres and longevity. Although if it's made by ecover it might not contain actual bleach (doesn't seem very green..)?

I've also read that vinegar and bicarb shouldn't be used on bamboo. I've stuck to those guidelines and haven't had any problems. Tea tree oil is fine, you can add some drops of it to the fabric softener dispenser. Although personally I've never actually smelled it on the laundry once it's done.

I recently switched to EcoSprout for my nappies. It's definitely more expensive than regular supermarket own brand non-bio, but I have felt a difference in the nappies. Especially microfibre ones seem cleaner and softer. I live in a very hard water area.

GrottyPotPlant Tue 09-Apr-13 18:51:23

Oh lord, how rude! In my sleep deprived fug, it has taken me days on end to get back here!
Thank you both for the advice. I'm trying out the rinse then 40 wash method, using totsbots potion, which seems a bit like Eco sprout?
Rrreow, you are right, ecover laundry bleach is oxygen based, not chlorine based. I suspect it's the same stuff as the nappy laundry powders use for antibacterial powers at low temperatures!

And I'm definitely going for the windowsill stain trick!

Thank you!!

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