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Motherease airflow or rikki ??

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mumtosp Thu 04-Apr-13 11:18:05

Hi all,

I have been using Motherease Rikki wraps for my DS since he was 3 wo. At first I used the small size and then moved on to medium. DS is now 6 mo and I will need to go in for the large size soon.

So should I go for Rikki again or Airflow ??
I do like the ease of using the Rikki wraps and I've been led to believe that Airflow can be a bit bulky ?? DS is already pretty bulky in him Bumbles nappy so not sure if Airfliw will make it too bulky iyswim...

Pls help me choose...

Thanks! smile

Xiaoxiong Thu 04-Apr-13 11:36:04

I used rikkis from when DS was born, liked them just fine. But then was given 2 large airflows when he was about 8 months and like them a lot better. They are adjustable on the legs and waist so they don't add any bulk - they just appear to be a bit puffy when the baby's on the smaller end of the size range but generally under clothes you don't notice a difference.

Now he's bigger (16 months) they fit him better than the large rikkis we also have, as they go all the way up and over the front of the nappy, whereas the rikkis now seem to gape a bit at the top if the legs are tight enough even though they're also large. And now he's older, he can't yet undo the poppers but he's undoing all velcro fastenings.

I have a Bummis superbrite wrap that is really good too but again it's velcro so DS can undo it now. I'm considering trying out some gen-y classic or simplicity wraps to compare to the motherease airflows because the prints are just so so gorgeous no I'm not shallow I promise

mumtosp Thu 04-Apr-13 17:58:56

Thanks Xiaoxiong... Airflow it is smile

Can I just ask if normal clothes fit your DS when he is in cloth diapers ?? I have always had to buy bigger sizes for DS... And I feel I miss out on cute seta of tshirts and trousers as the trousers are always too tight around the waist sad

stargirl1701 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:47:28

I buy Scandinavian clothes on second hand on eBay. They seem to cut for cloth. Katvig, Smafolk, Polarn O Pyret, etc. Even the vests fit!

Even more Eco friendly brownie points too!

Xiaoxiong Fri 05-Apr-13 11:53:54

Agree about polarn o pyret clothes - expensive but wear better than anything else DS has and all seem to be cut to fit cloth. Even their leggings have adjustable waists which helps a lot. We also have a vest extender from the nappy lady which is in constant use. Frugi is another great brand for cloth bums.

DS wears dungarees and joggers most of the time in winter. Jeans are really no good and we avoid them (unless they're basically stretchy soft legging type jeans). Last summer when he was 7/8 months he lived in all in one rompers.

rrreow Fri 05-Apr-13 13:31:52

I love the airflows we have, my DS is 23mo. They look big, but they're the same thin PUL material as the rikkis so they don't actually add any bulk to the nappy itself. I'd say as long as you don't have any containment issues (for BF poo I'd prefer a wrap with a gusset) go for the airflow. I love how easy they are to put on (I tend to pre-snap the leg snaps and put the wrap on as if they are pants, then once they're on I snap the waist snaps shut - hope that makes sense!). I have a Blueberry wrap and although I love their patterns I'm always having to double check that all of the shaped nappy is contained within and not poking out, whereas with the airflow they have plenty of room and just easily cover the whole nappy. I just wish Motherease did more interesting patterns!

DS wears normal clothes although for vests he's usually in the next size up about 2 months beforehand. So he's in 2-3y popper vests now as the 18-24m ones have been a bit tight. He's 75th centile for weight & height and jeans seem to fit him fine.

mumtosp Sun 07-Apr-13 14:26:33

thanks all smile
I've ordered the Airflow wraps...
will also check out the brands you've mentioned for better fit over cloth nappies..

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