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Anyone used newborn rental sets - opinions on Bimbles vs teenyfit AIOs?

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Xiaoxiong Thu 04-Apr-13 11:10:36

DC2 is due when DS will be 22 months. We currently use 10 Bumgenius v4s in the day and 12 Motherease one-size at night. When DS was a newborn we used a set of 12 bambini size 1s instead of the Motherease but he grew out of those within 3 months and I passed them on to his cousin (same age but much smaller so has got a lot more use out of them).

Now we're expecting DC2, I guess we need to get some more as I guess there will be an overlap of at least 8(?) months where they'll both be in nappies...I think? When does potty training usually start?

Also since we're both pretty sure this is it in terms of kids for us, is it worth renting a set of newborn size nappies instead of buying (it's £45 to rent 20 bimbles plus 5 wraps, or £60 for 15 teenyfit AIOs and 5 bimbles, from the Nappy Lady)...and then just topping up with maybe 10 more birth-to-potty nappies for the overlap when they're both in nappies?

Has anyone tried renting a set of newborn nappies for the initial few months? Anyone recommend bimbles over teenyfit AIOs?

binkybonk Fri 05-Apr-13 15:42:40

I'm not that much of an expert as DS1 only went into cloth before Xmas at 22m... But DS2 is 7wks old and I've used teenyfits since he was born. I got 15 from eBay/ 2nd hand nappy sites (less than £60 total for sure) and if he gets through them all before they are dry then he wears poppered down easyfits from his brother's collection.
I love them, he hasn't leaked or had any poo-namis in them, they don't swamp him and he can wear his (hand-me-down!) newborn clothes.
However, I am hoping for more kidlets and also I'm lending the teenys to my sister for her expected DC2 so I know they'll have some wear to offset the 'investment'. Otherwise it is just a few weeks really- I guesstimate my son will be out of them in two weeks or so. He was 3.7kg at birth and is almost 6kg now, so not technically 'teeny' wink

binkybonk Fri 05-Apr-13 15:44:09

Whoops- convert to UK weights.... He was 8.2lb at birth and is 13.5lb now (ish)
So officially over the weight limit for teenys but luckily is long and skinny!

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