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Potty training GRRRRRR! can anyone help?

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pucca Mon 08-May-06 11:55:44

Ok my dd is 2.4yo, did try potty training her a few weeks ago,and she did really well but then we moved house and decided to hold back till we were settled in.

She is a very clever child, and very good at talking and understanding but i just cannot get her to understand this potty training lark, she will not tell me when she needs a wee at all, i have been sitting her on the potty in intervals but she waits till she is off before she does a wee grrr!then tells me she has done one!

I have tried the...if you do a wee you can have a sticker/sweeties thing and isn't making any difference.

Sooooo...Where do i go from here? i think the moving house and going back into nappies has confused her, and is totally my fault but i really want her to "get" the training thing.

Another thing is i am 25 weeks pg with no 2, so really want to try and get her settled into wearing knickers etc before it gets too close to the new baby coming.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.


pucca Mon 08-May-06 11:56:59

Forgot to add, i have even tried making it into a game of waving bye to the wee down the toilet, but even that isn't working now.

The main problem is she just refuses to tell me BEFORE she does a wee that she needs one.

supakids Mon 08-May-06 12:12:28

put pull ups on her, leave potty around the main area she plays and buy the story book about potty training from Woolworths. I read it a few times to my ds and he managed to work it out for himself. Naturally there are going to be a few accidents when she gets started. Good Luck

starlover Mon 08-May-06 12:15:14

maybe she just isn't ready?

supakids Mon 08-May-06 12:16:59

I like that word 'refuse' when they are bright little buttons, they dont like the control and want to do it themselves.

pucca Mon 08-May-06 12:34:40

Starlover...She is SO ready, i know she is but for some reason she is acting very silly over this, as i said before she is very bright and i know she knows what i am talking about.

Thanks for replies.

starlover Mon 08-May-06 12:38:00

in that care i would get rid of the nappies/pull ups and just do it!

take her to buy some pretty pants, have a couple of potties and just sit her on it every 20 mins.
if you get even the TINIEST bit of wee in there then praise her to high heaven and give her a little treat (even just a chocolate button or something)

starlover Mon 08-May-06 12:38:44

also, make as little fuss as possible if she does it on the floor... don't let her have the attention, just sit her on the potty and then clean it up

pucca Mon 08-May-06 12:39:22

Thanks Starlover

Give me any other baby related problem, but this potty training is doing my head in pmsl! driving me totally up the wall.

starlover Mon 08-May-06 12:40:58

i can imagine! think it's the thing i am least looking forward to with ds

Marne Mon 08-May-06 12:46:33

I tried dd a few weeks ago, she's showing all signs of being ready, now she refuses to have her nappie off and crys if i say the P word (potty). We are going to try again in a few weeks.

Good luck pucca.

starlover Mon 08-May-06 19:21:31

marne try just getting rid of the nappies, if she knows there aren't any then she'll have to just do it! does she have some nice pants?

cod Mon 08-May-06 19:22:26

Message withdrawn

pucca Mon 08-May-06 19:34:49

Thanks Cod, have had a pretty good day today, she had one accident this morning and the rest have been in the potty, and is starting to say "the wee is coming" lol.

Saying this though, i have just had her in a t-shirt all day, no knickers or trousers etc, that will be fun! its getting her to tell me BEFORE that the problem.

cod Mon 08-May-06 19:43:17

Message withdrawn

pucca Mon 08-May-06 19:45:15

Thanks for the advice.

So should i just leave her in her t-shirt for now? or should i put her in knickers and trousers/skirt etc?

Have been giving praise and rewards when she does something in potty, and won't be venturing out at all

pucca Fri 12-May-06 08:57:56

Well i ended up having a few crys yesterday, hormonal too because of being pregnant i suppose but this potty training is a nightmare! my carpets are going to be ruined!

I feel such a failure, because yesterday was just a complete nightmare! she still won't tell me when she needs to go, and just doesn't seem to be bothered at all.

Someone please tell me what i need to do (lol) ?

Do you think she may not be ready? like i said before she is very clever and it very well at adapting and new things, so why is this so hard?


fuzzlepelts Mon 15-May-06 11:54:34

Hi Pucca, I am having the same problem - sort of. I did potty training Boot Camp at Easter and we started off really well but have still only had one dry day and she won't tell me when she needs to go I just plant her on potty/loo and hope for the best. Usually only get a 1 or 2 accidents if I get my timing right but it's a nightmare - was hoping that it might have sunk in by now and really can't entertain the idea of giving up after 6 weeks! Just bought a M&S potty book includes a chart with stickers (£4!) in desperation - so any help would be much appreciated (cod?)

fuzzlepelts Tue 16-May-06 08:35:00

Yesterday was almost as bacd as about day 5!
only 1 wee on toilet all day

dewmeadow Tue 16-May-06 10:10:42

My Dd decided one day she wanted to wear pants, refusing to wear nappies, but wouldnt tell me when she had to pee and she NEVER did it when I sat her on the potty. I left a potty in the living room and one day she did it herself. I was so excited I nearly cried. However I'm now into the dirty pants cycle, which is going on and on and ...... Trying encouragement, bribery, anything, no luck yet.

dewmeadow Tue 16-May-06 15:41:17


What am I talking about? Today, DD peed on the floor of a toy shop twice and pooed in her pants twice!

Am finding hard to remain calm and positive and be a perfect Mary Poppins type mummy. Thank Christ for afternoon naps!

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