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Night nappy dilemma

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JRsandCoffee Mon 04-Mar-13 22:26:57

So, DD spends her days in Bumgenius V4s and Charlie Banana OS, both with the big insert only in. She's probably heading towards 11 lbs but most of that seems to be length, she's pretty slim, despite her dedicated feeding! I bought some bumbles and wraps to use at night time and some boosters, so far so good. I tried them on her and with the booster etc her bum is so huge she's on a downward slope to her head, I don't think this can be good! So for now she's in disposables at night and I use the bumbles during the day while I ponder this....lovely nappies, when I can prop her top half up a bit.....

She is only 15 weeks, will the downhill thing resolve in time?
Has anyone used bumgenius overnight? I'm wondering if one would make it 11 to 7....
Any ideas for a slimmer night nappy?
Or am I just being paranoid about the downhill thing?

Any advice gratefully received!

Ariela Mon 04-Mar-13 23:59:23

All of us oldies were raised with terry squares which were even more bulky and no doubt left our bums really high in the air but we survived. You could raise the head end of the cot if it worries you.

JRsandCoffee Tue 05-Mar-13 10:59:40

Hmm I take your point but she's a bit prone to the milk coming out if she's headed downhill so if there was a slimmer option I'd be very interested! Raising cot end not that easy unfortunately, she is such a wriggler she'd probably end up bum up sideways across....

Kelbells Tue 05-Mar-13 19:59:36

Have you seen the new bumgenius elemental? Supposed to be as slim as a disposable but really, really absorbent.... Nappy lady suggests boosting with a hemp booster at night.. I've not tried it yet but read really, really good reviews!

JRsandCoffee Thu 07-Mar-13 19:29:37

I was wondering about the elemental, I might give it a go at some stage, will definitely get a couple once nappy lady has all the colours as it looks ace! Tonight I've gone for it, stuck a blanket under the head end of the mattress to compensate for football bum! Went for the bumble, with it's snap in bit in, extra terry liner on the outside and a mother ease airflow wrap...... Wish me luck! If anyone has any other suggestions for combos would be very interested to hear smile thanks for suggestions so far!

spekulatius Thu 07-Mar-13 21:21:36

I also use bumbles, DD also 15 weeks, 13lbs13. They are very bulky but as I only use them for night time it doesn't worry me. Though we don't have the problem with the downhill thing. They are great, last all night 12 hours. I do use the snap in insert but I think the nappy lady recommended to leave the inserts out at this age. Would make it less bulky. I also use Totsbots bamboozles for nights. Very absorbing, maybe less bulky.

poocatcherchampion Thu 07-Mar-13 21:23:44

We used to have that - it made me laugh! We didn't worry though.

JRsandCoffee Thu 07-Mar-13 22:36:47

Ah, so Spekulatius you didn't use an additional booster on top of the snap insert and still made it through the night? Interesting, as I think the bum like football thing was made much worse by the additional booster!

spekulatius Fri 08-Mar-13 22:02:13

Yes, have a look on the nappy ladys website. These are birth to Potty nappies so for a newborn u remove the snap in booster and do the poppers up inside the nappy to make it shorter.

JRsandCoffee Sun 10-Mar-13 19:04:03

Thanks for that, I've watched the video, bought from the nappy lady! I've been wondering if the bumble with it's snap in insert in and an additional booster has been overkill although not a trace of a leak her bum has been VAST! Trying with only the bumble insert in tonight and an airflow wrap, fingers crossed, tis only laundry.......

Fairylea Sun 10-Mar-13 19:08:36

I love the Charlie banana but I find they only stay leak proof with two inserts in (ds is nearly 9 months).. have you tried two? Seeing as Charlie banana in particular are so slim fitting?

I read on the website that they recommend using both inserts from 4 months all the time.

JRsandCoffee Sun 10-Mar-13 19:08:42

Also, congratulations on a cracking weight there! My little tiddler was five weeks prem and only just eleven pounds I dream of such a lovely weight popping up on the scales! Thank you for the advice smile

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