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I think I'm ready...!

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wishfulthinking1 Mon 04-Mar-13 08:35:57

I'm getting pretty excited about DC1 arriving now - just 5 weeks to go!! DH, however, has not forbidden me to buy any more nappies until we're actually using them.

I have bought brand new...(mostly from thenappylady recommendations...)
2x teddies (size 1)
2x teddies (size 2)
1 x motherease rikki wrap small
1x motherease rikki wrap medium
2x bumble nappies (for nighttime)
1x Charlie banana one size
1 x bumgenius free time
1 x grovia hybrid
2 x grovia inserts
Paper liners

And then at a nct nearly new sale on Saturday I got...
19 x motherease one size nappies
3 x small air flow wraps
3 x medium air flow wraps
3 x large air flow wraps
1 x bumble
1 x fuzzi buzz small
2 x fuzzi bunz medium
More paper lines than you can shake a stick at!!
(All for £25!!)

A couple of questions,
1) the preloved MOES are all clean but feel a bit 'crusty'- not nearly as soft as the teddy ones. Is there anything I can do to soften them up?
2) I've read that I won't need liners for a while- is that correct?
3) advice has been to use disposable nappies for a while to get my head around having a baby before I add cloth nappies into the mix- is this good advice?
4) is there anything else that you can think of that I might need?


rrreow Mon 04-Mar-13 11:54:41

Wow that's an exciting stash!

1) I have a bunch of MEOS and the cotton does feel very rough (fine for my toddler, but I'll be using big fleece liners for my newborn once he arrives). Can try popping them in the tumble drier for a bit. Don't use fabric softener as that will negatively affect the absorbency.
2) Correct as far as I know if breastfeeding. Personally I plan to use fleece liners for comfort, but pop everything in the wash (poo & all). I won't start flushing poo until starting solids.
3) It depends on how easy your baby is and how you feel! If you feel like a zombie, might be worth sticking with disposables. If you're getting enough sleep (cumulatively that is) & feeling OK, then no reason not to go for it as soon as you feel up for the extra laundry (but honestly, there will be a lot of laundry anyway in those first months..). Would definitely use disposables until the meconium is out of the way though.
4) -If you find you need to use any type of barrier cream for nappy rash, do use a liner so it doesn't come into contact with the nappy. Creams can clog the fibres and affect the absorbency of the fabric.
-Resuable wipes are lovely. I did the whole cotton wool & water thing with DS1 (we didn't have reusable wipes at that point) which is incredibly faffy. With DS2 I will just go straight to the wipes. You can use them with just water, or add some camomile tea.
-If you get on with the MEOS you will probably have enough there. But if you don't, then you'll most likely need more nappies.

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