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Has twinkle on the web gone bust?

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forgottoremember Tue 19-Feb-13 18:22:58

Does anyone know what's happening?

I'm totally unable to contact them about problems with an order I placed (not answering the phone - for weeks now - contact page on website not working - no answer to emails).

Are they going bust?

I've bought stuff from them no problem before, so I'm really surprised (and upset, as there's about £60 at stake...)

Stargazed Wed 23-Apr-14 02:32:26

I placed an order 3 weeks ago and did not get anything yet. Starting to get worried, especially when I read your post. Did you get your order? Did you get in touch with them?
My order was over 100£...

Stargazed Sun 04-May-14 02:23:31

She mailed me back, it looks like I will get my diapers soon smile Seem to have been some problem with the order.

Stargazed Thu 08-May-14 04:02:12

The diapers have finally arrived smile

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