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Reuseables: Laundry service in Herts? and Herts CC £50.00 incentive?

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Msbluesky32 Mon 04-Feb-13 15:09:54

Hi there,

Firstly, this is our first baby, she hasnt arrived yet but Im trying to read up on nappies. We plan to use disposables for the first few weeks but Id really like to give reuseables a go. Our local council (Herts) run an incentive scheme to encourage residents to give reusables a go. My DP is sceptical about getting them and washing them at home - he is worried about nappies drying everywhere in the house. One option I thought might work for us is a laundry service - I know its a bit of a half way house but perhaps it will start is on the right track! smile

I'd like to know - has anyone ever used a laundry service in the Herts area? If so what was it like? Also - has anyone taken up the Herts incentive scheme? Do you have to sign up for a specific length of time (I couldnt see any clauses or T&Cs so I am assuming not)?

Thank you!

Eskarina Tue 05-Feb-13 18:41:11

I haven't heard of any laundry services but then again we didn't look! We took the £50 cash back and it was really easy to do. I could even use it on some second hand (well, not used, but bought from someone who decided against reusables) as long as I had a PayPal receipt. All they need is the receipt, your address, and a copy of baby's birth cert.
There are no restrictions, period of usage, nothing (apart from morally!) to stop you from claiming from the council and selling them the next day - how would they know? Though if you're in the broxbourne district and claim the nappy cash back then ask for extra ?purple? bin bags on the grounds that you have a child in nappies then they might be a bit suspicious!

We're still using a mix of washables and disposables now at nearly 19mo. We never did get washables to work overnight (though we didn't try that hard) and dd's childminder prefers us to send disposables, so she wears them there. I'm glad we gave them a go though, it's saved us a fortune and the washing isn't onerous at all!

If you want advice then look on the fillyourpants website - they have regional nappy advisors (called gurus). I don't know where you are, but there's definitely a lady who covers the Hertford area as I've seen her cards up around the place. Don't know how far she'd travel but it might be worth investigating.

Good luck!

ChristinePlushPants Sun 10-Feb-13 23:19:38 - this company covers Herts and offers a nappy laundry service, can't vouch for them but they have a link on our council website so that's how I've heard of them.

Msbluesky32 Mon 29-Jul-13 19:02:05

Thank you very mch, sorry its taken me such a long time to check back in on this!

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