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Looking for second hand tiny nappies

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sarahanneg Thu 31-Jan-13 20:15:44

Hi smallygirl, did u get PM (I'm also new and not sure it sent properly).

smallygirl Thu 31-Jan-13 17:27:07

Sorry posted that in wrong place! New!

smallygirl Thu 31-Jan-13 17:26:09

Yes definitely how many and how much pls. X

smallygirl Thu 31-Jan-13 15:26:39

Hiya thank you all so much for the replies so helpful. I was struck down wiv flu again after posting my message hence lack of reply so sorry for the rudeness! Def struggling with a winter pregnancy over my previous summer one! Xx

canestentastesbad Wed 30-Jan-13 07:54:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Terrywoganstrousers Wed 30-Jan-13 07:43:29

My dd2 is about 10 lb now, will the BG fit do you think?smile

Bluetinkerbell Tue 29-Jan-13 20:08:17

Terry haven't sold mine yet!

Terrywoganstrousers Tue 29-Jan-13 18:15:50

Not wishing to poach the OP's nappies/ thread but I am also after some little nappies for my newborn- I have size 2 bamboozles and some MEOS but they are quite bulky on her still. Are any of these nappies still available?

sarahanneg Sat 26-Jan-13 21:00:48

Interested in 6 Totsbots Teenyfit? All prewashed but only tried one out then realized that they were too small. Had quite a big baby.

snala Fri 25-Jan-13 19:09:11

I have got some listed on eBay at the moment. Some easy peasy newborns and some newborn pockets. Under username snala21. smile

Bluetinkerbell Fri 25-Jan-13 15:01:42

I've got some newborn pocket nappies I'm wanting to sell and also 2 Bumgenius XS, all hardly used because of not getting in with cloth...

CMOTDibbler Thu 24-Jan-13 14:33:56

I've got some XS sandies knocking about if you are interested?

Kelbells Thu 24-Jan-13 14:31:24

There's often teenyfits on eBay grin

PurplePidjin Thu 24-Jan-13 09:10:36

Pre-loved Cloth nappies and accessories

CBM Sales

Both very busy facebook groups smile

smallygirl Wed 23-Jan-13 14:44:37


I'm new....hv DS1 26months and pg with DS2...

Looking to buy some specific tiny newborn nappies as loved the few I had with DS1 (used muslins rest of the time til he fitted size 1 Tots Bots) but would like a 'treat' of some 2nd hand teeny ones this time. Anyone got any in the loft or know where I could post on here effectively to find some?

Many thanks!

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