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Wet shoes - potty training ds....are they destined for the bin?

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ETsmum Sat 22-Apr-06 13:12:29

Having a go at potty training my ds who is 2 3/4 and I THINK is ready. But what do you do when the wee goes in their shoes? (Decent clarkes ones) Should I have thought about this before.....the're off at home, but obviously when we go out he needs to wear them Anyone know if they'd wash? They don't smell YET, but worried that if I leave it they'll really pong in a few days.

Flip Sat 22-Apr-06 13:28:00

Not sure about washing Clarke's shoes but had this same problem with my ds2 who is now dry with odd accident. I put him in trainers and they wash a treat in a pillow case in the washer with normal washing. Then I hang them on the line and at night put them on the rug infront of the fire. Usually dry for day after. So two pairs of shoes is the key and hopefully he'll wee in the trainers you can wash!

ETsmum Sat 22-Apr-06 13:29:51

Thanks Flip...was trying to avoid buying more shoes as was hoping to wait til I could get sandals for the warmer (!) weather. Might see if I can get a cheap pair for my sanity. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one though

Flip Sat 22-Apr-06 13:31:23

Trainers don't need to be expensive. You'll be able to get some for about £5 unless you live in London

NannyL Sat 22-Apr-06 13:43:03

or some doodles... they just go in the washing machine!

matalan do some identical to doodles for a fiver... my god daughter has just go some!

ETsmum Sat 22-Apr-06 19:42:44

Not London Flip, but Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Can be just as bad sometimes. Hence NannyL no matalan I'm afraid Am on the lookout for a cheapie pair of something though....goes against my nature being tight with shoes, but can't bear the thought of soggy Clarkes!

threebob Sat 22-Apr-06 19:45:27

ETsmum - even once trained if you have a fiercely indepedant child who has to be on their own in the toilet there will be wee everywhere for quite some time. Ds's clarks do not smell yet, and I'm sure there is plenty of wee in/on them.

Gloworm Sat 22-Apr-06 19:49:33

sprinkle some tea tree on the shoes in the mean time, that should help.

Leveller Sat 22-Apr-06 19:52:15

I got trainers for DS3 for £4 at Tescos last week.

ETsmum Sat 22-Apr-06 20:06:33

Thanks threebob Shows how much I have to learn! Hadn't even thought about him going on his own yet.....feels like it will never come.

And Gloworm - thanks for the tip

sarahlou1uk Sun 23-Apr-06 15:18:04

I know what you mean ETSmum. My ds is now 3 and have started potty training. He's already wet his Clarks shoes twice so have started looking on ebay for cheap clarks shoes. I can't go out and buy cheaper shoes as he is in width G and normal cheap shoes are too tight. Have survived OK until now as shoes have dried in the sun but have sprayed them with boots foot freshning spray just to make sure.

ETsmum Sun 23-Apr-06 21:00:31

Sarahlou1uk - thank you Your post really made me feel better after what has been a very "damp" weekend. I know I SHOULDN'T feel pushed into training just because of his age, but I do BUT I do think he's ready....or as ready as he can be....he just seems really unwilling. How long have you been trying with your ds, and how are you finding it? Also thanks for the idea re ebay Am also looking at lots of trousers on there!

sarahlou1uk Mon 24-Apr-06 17:27:40

Hi ETSmum. I have only been trying since Friday. However, on Sunday, ds started with stomach bug with sickness & diahorrhea (sp??) so yesterday and today has gone back to pull ups. Will be in pants tomorrow for nursery - just have to see how he gets on. If you want to chat back, just leave messages and we'll keep updating each other!!!

louismummy Mon 24-Apr-06 17:52:22

what about wellies??

alittlebitshy Mon 24-Apr-06 18:17:27

etsmum - do come onto potty training thread. i think cod has signed off as we're all getting there, but we mainly still come and see how everyone is doing so you;d get great help with the potty training. it was my life support a fortnight ago!!!

ETsmum Mon 24-Apr-06 20:58:15

Right, sorted with some doodles....I love buying shoes, especially little ones

Sarahlou1uk - how is your ds's tummy now? I hope feeling better. We only startes Friday as well, after he was really impressed seeing one of his little friends doing a wee in the "great outdoors!" Have you had much success with your ds so far? we've only had about 3 "hits" so far. Think I should be putting him on the potty more to "try" but on the other hand I feel like he needs to learn to know when to go. Also with working p/t and play school, we're not managing to be 100% consistant ie with pants ALL the time. Am going to ask playschool if they mind us sending him in pants even tho he's not got it yet....not sure wether it's a good/bad idea. Reckon he could easily need 3 changes for the 3 hrs he's there, BUT being round the other children might encourage him?

alittlebitshy - saw the boot camp and have been following on and off with interest. Your name sums me up tho as I know cod's methods are strict (and I know she gets results!) Did think about joining a couple of weeks back, but knew I wouldn't have the guts to stick at pants f/t straight away. I am getting braver tho, and if we could just have a few more succeses, I'd go for it and blow the washing.

Thanks for the support, I think it's going to be a damp and smelly process - had a nice poo next to the potty this close and yet so far

Passionflower Mon 24-Apr-06 21:51:14

ETsmum, OMG I thought I was the only Guern on Mnet!

I am so ridiculously chuffed not to be the only one.

carol3 Mon 24-Apr-06 22:51:49

i found wellies great for potty training as you can just give them a swill out lol

sarahlou1uk Tue 25-Apr-06 13:10:48

DS tummy much better now so will be resuming potty training tomorrow. Refuses to use a potty - wants to sit on the toilet all the time. Hasn't quite managed to direct his little man down the toilet though and had a few puddles on the bathroom floor!!! Hopefully he will get the idea soon - I've got until next tuesday when he goes back to nursery to get him trained.

peaches27 Tue 25-Apr-06 22:05:15

I cant remember this happening. Unfortunately the carpet took the worst of the offensive!!! Thats much harder to clean as when you hire the carpet cleaner or use a vax it just seems to revive the smell!

MrsSpoon Tue 25-Apr-06 22:09:06

Both my DSs wet their shoes on a number of occasions and I always just gave them a spray with Detox type stuff and a wipe with a cloth and they never smelled.

Although there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a brand new pair of shoes covered in wee.

ETsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 22:18:21

Just to report; another fairly wet day, but we have managed a poo in the potty And playschool is happy for us to send him in pants which will help with being consistant. We have been really lucky in that most of the wees have been on the lino in the kitchen, as opposed to the carpet......having said that we purposly haven't replaced a couple of more tattry carpets, knowing that potty training was to come.

And Passionflower, we'll have to have our own meet up! What's the betting I know/of you in rl?

Passionflower Wed 26-Apr-06 14:10:32

ETsmum more than likely, surname is unique to the island. It is my DH that everyone seems to know, despite him being the grockle and me being the local girl. Do you go up to Beau Sejour much? I pretty much live there during term time, what with swimming lessons, kiddy kapers and me trying to get my figure back after 3 lo's

ETsmum Wed 26-Apr-06 22:02:18

Passionflower - Beau Sejour, yes Have done several terms of kiddy Kapers, but not this term as I keep saying the weather will be lovely to be doping outdoors things. We have also use the soft paly and the playgrounds up there a fair bit, as well as the footie pitch (although ds noticed the other day the goals aren't there at the mo ) We are also huge fans of Saumarez park. Trying to rack my brain for anyone I know with 3 children though, so you might be safe!

Sarahlou1uk - how's it going? Have you resumed in earnest now? We have had a much better day today....the 1st day that has seemdd 1/2 decent and this is day 5 for us (can't really count the hr we tried on Fri!) Had some wee AND poo successes, which I thought might cause probs. Unfortunately as a result, ds has consumed VAST quantities of choc....but hey ho.

MrsSpoon - the doodles promptly got piddled onn And it was distressing to fling them in the washing machine barely 24hrs after purchase. Must remember, like all phases, this one will pass!

Passionflower Wed 26-Apr-06 22:21:37

ETsmum - am also dropping kiddykapers this term. DD2 off to school in sept and I can't fit it around her library sessions and other commitments.

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