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Las3097 Fri 11-Jan-13 22:17:58

my daughter is 17months and since she was about 9months we've always used Huggies, they don't smell awful and go all baggy like pampers, price is good, fit is good etc and she doesn't get rash. Why are they stopping them??!! Anyone recommend something good to change to? Use little Angela from asda sometimes but price wise they're not hugely cheaper than Huggies and morrisons were a crunchy waste of money! Think I'll have to crack on with potty training now then haha!!

Las3097 Fri 11-Jan-13 22:18:39

Should say "used to use little Angels from asda" grin

LaCiccolina Fri 11-Jan-13 22:19:53

They are stopping them coz they are shite. Few buy their nappies. Everyone I know gets their wipes though.

Las3097 Sat 12-Jan-13 08:47:14

Ok... Thanks. They're only stopping them
In uk and Ireland I thought...

stormforce10 Sun 13-Jan-13 20:45:40

i used them with dd with no problem but 6 years down the line had ds, bought huggies and hugely regretted it as they leaked massively.

We now use Aldi nappies which are great and a good price too

cantheyseeme Sun 13-Jan-13 20:49:19

I love huggies becasue they dont smell and hold loads IMO but they sag and look full without any wee in them!
Pampers stink!

GoingToBedfordshire Sun 13-Jan-13 20:55:41

Bugger, I have been getting on fine with them, no leaking or nappy rash.

Used to use Toujours from Lidl with DD1 and 2, but they gave DD3 a sore bum.

Trying to work out if I can can bulk buy the Huggies now, hopefully she will potty train at some point this year...

Have you tried the Sainsburys own brand? I think they were ok.

Going to have to investigate other brands too, what a PITA (sorry)

Lyftiduft Sun 13-Jan-13 20:59:58

we use them, find them the best for our DS- but now buy Sainsbury's own, they are the same shape and seem to be as good smile

Las3097 Sun 13-Jan-13 23:25:50

Thanks will try sainsburys. Had a leaflet through door from asda today - they have a baby event Instore starting 21st jan and loads of nappy offers in all sizes - one being two big boxes of Huggies for £14. A similar offer on pampers too. X

McPhee Sun 13-Jan-13 23:28:47

They are withdrawing from the UK market as they are no longer the market leader. Or some such bollocks.....

coffeeandcream Sun 13-Jan-13 23:35:27

We used huggies for newborn DS for two weeks, no problems, then they inexplicably started leaking. We now use tesco's own, good price and no leaks, rashes or problems.

DoodleAlley Sun 13-Jan-13 23:52:42

We found sainsburys active fit to be brilliant if that helps

KentuckyFriedChildren Mon 14-Jan-13 00:10:33

I use real nappies but when I have to use disposable ones I find asda or tesco's are ok. I use probably 2 disposables per week though so my opinion may be a bit useless since they are on for literally 2 hours between them.

SneakyNuts Mon 14-Jan-13 00:39:58

'Just4Bums' by Kiddicare are really good- cheap too. We get 136 size 4+ for £20 if that helps?

FadBook Mon 14-Jan-13 00:42:25

Aldi, 48 for less than a fiver. Bargain!

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