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standstill with potty training!

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millieimi Fri 04-Jan-13 21:35:26

help! Ds was going for number 1s and 2s on potty and was able to control his bladder until getting to the potty. this was done every afternoon at home with no nappy on for about 2 weeks. Then introduced pants and trousers but now he refuses to go on potty at all but at the same time cries at every nappy change as he hates his nappies. He wears his pants and trousers quite happily but will also happily go to the toilet in them! We carried out reward charts and choc treats and even his fave TV show but he still will not sit on the potty or toilet. Where did we go wrong and have no idea how to go forward now - maybe start again after hiding the potty for a few weeks but the nappy changing is wearing quite thin now!

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