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How did you decide which to use and when did you start?

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wishfulthinking1 Thu 03-Jan-13 20:11:42

Hi all,
I've been doing LOADS of research about cloth nappies over the last few days and I'm slowly starting to get my head around things.
A couple of questions though...

How did you decide which type of nappy to use? The nappy lady has given me recommendations, which I'm sure will be fine- a two-part system. I don't know whether to jump in feet first and just go with what she has advised, or ere on the side of caution and just get a couple in case a don't get on with cloth at all.

Also, I've been recommend using a two-part system. Are they much more faff than an all in one?

And when did you start using them? The recommendation from the nappy lady means starting when the baby is about 10lb. How long would that be? Is it worth buying extra smaller wraps and starting sooner? Or would you recommend just starting when the baby is 10lb and getting through the 'newborn haze' first?

It's my first baby and I just don't want to make any expensive mistakes!!
Thank you

Shybairns Thu 03-Jan-13 20:15:42

I would use disposables for first 10 weeks. Untill the babies bowel movements become more predictable. New borns runny some times explosive poo is best caught in a disposible.
Plus you don't really know how you'll cope with the sleep deprivation. Nappies shouldn't be one more thing to stress over in those early weeks.

That's just my two penith.

TeaandHobnobs Thu 03-Jan-13 20:23:30

I took the Nappy Lady's recommendation and bought 2 of each type (3 types suggested - daytime, nighttime (both 2-part) and all-in-ones) to start with to see how I got on. DS was about 6 weeks by this point, but still pretty small (~8lb?) as he was prem, so I didn't use cloth from the start. I got into it properly at about 4 months, which meant I only had to buy size 2 nappies, which should now cover me up to potty training.

There is an awful lot to get used to with a new baby, so I would agree with starting once the baby reaches 10lb-ish, as this also means you don't need to spend money on the smaller sizes which won't get used for long (especially if your baby is at the bigger end of the birthweight range!). Unless you feel particularly strongly about wanting to be in cloth straight away.

Personally I don't find 2-part any more of a faff than all-in-one. In fact, I prefer them, as they are much better for containment - the all-in-ones can have a tendency to wick around the legs when the nappy gets very wet, and from a poo perspective, they are only as good as a disposable, whereas the 2-part has almost always contained poosplosions here!

Hope that's useful?

wishfulthinking1 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:44:28

Thank you- that's really good and useful advice- will just chill my boots a bit and wait until the baby is a bit bigger and I've found my feet.

The nappy lady recommended teddy nappies for the day and a bambeasy popper for the night time with a motherease rikki wrap. The teddy ones (look so cute and fluffy!) come in two sizes- the larger one is apparently ok for birth to potty- but quite bulky. How much of a problem is that? Would you recommend getting a smaller, less bulky size to start with? Or just putting up with the bulk?

Also (sorry for all the questions!) I've been reading about a lot of people who us disposables for overnight even though they're quite passionate about using cloth during the day. Is it a real faff at night time? Thanks for the advice so far!

wishfulthinking1 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:48:34

Also are shaped nappies (like the little lambs or teddys) much more reliable \ easy to use than just Terry's things?

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Thu 03-Jan-13 22:32:31

I started using cloth when DD was 11 months, I always use them in the day but do still use sposies at night - she's a heavy wetter and still feeds and wakes at night, I can't be doing with changing her nappy too!

I agree give yourself at least a month or so of disposables while you get used to being a mum, its a pretty overwhelming time! So for mow i would definitely just get one or two or each type to try them out. I also did the 'try cloth for £10' with Fill Your Pants (google them) which was great for trying a few different types, 6 or 7 I think. Also see if there's a nappy library near you or anyone selling real nappies so you canhave a look at them and see how they work.

I mostly use bumbles from Easy Peasy Nappies which are a fitted 2-parter. Not a faff at all and worth it compared to all in ones as they are so much more absorbent. I have a few terries which I mainly use as changing mat covers, they are ok but the bumbles are so much quicker and easier and have a fleece lining so nice and soft next to the skin.

I would also really recommend washable wipes, they are brilliant and save you so much money, if you get a Cheeky Wipes kit you don't even need to be using real nappies to use them and they are great for cleaning up those explosive newborn poos.

Hope that helps!

TeaandHobnobs Thu 03-Jan-13 22:57:17

Wishful we have the teddies too! They are soooooooo lovely. Looks like a little fluffy lamb.

I have to say I haven't found the size 2s too bulky - yes he has a big squishy cloth bum, but I've not found it unmanageable. Just get yourself a set of vest extenders, they have really helped, but I've found his clothes will still do up round them. I had a couple of size 1s to start with, but I actually found they started to seem too small before he even reached the upper limit of the weight range for them.

We have Bamboozle stretchies for nighttime (bamboo/microfibre mix) with a bamboo booster, and he has only ever leaked once (which I think was due to a poorly fastened wrap by DH hmm), so he goes for 12 hours in those generally. However some babies are heavy wetters and the nappy just can't cope with that much liquid.

My other bit of advice 6 months down the line - allow plenty of nappy free time. The downside to cloth is the moisture isn't wicked away like in a disposable (although fleece liners seem to help), and with a bad period of teething, DS got the most awful nappy rash that ended up requiring several days in disposables to clear up. There are loads of things you can do to avoid nappy rash (the nappy lady has helpful articles about it on her website), but nappy free time is a really good idea IMO.

Hope you will come back and tell us how you get on! There is a general nappy chat thread somewhere on here too.

wishfulthinking1 Sat 05-Jan-13 09:24:46

teaandhobnobs and biscuits - which wraps do you use?

TeaandHobnobs Sat 05-Jan-13 11:08:04

Motherease Rikki smile

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Sat 05-Jan-13 11:52:45

Motherease airflow, onelife (similar to ME), a bummis Velcro one and a blueberry coverall. The airflow and onelife have never leaked! But are sized so work out more expensive overall. The blueberry cost a bit more but is birth to potty which is good, had one small leak with it due to not getting fit quite right, but overall really pleased with it. Velcro is quicker and easier but DD can now undo it so I now prefer poppers!

wishfulthinking1 Sat 05-Jan-13 17:54:16

Thanks for all your advice ladies! I've placed a small order with the nappy lady- got a couple of teddy nappies in size 1 and 2, a couple of rikki wraps in 1 and 2, some bumble nappies for nighttime, some nappy nippas, reusable wipes, mesh bag etc. I thought I'd just check that I could get on with the nappies and if I do (which I'm sure I will) then it'll be easy just to top up. Thanks again for all your advice.

One more question!! I promise this is it!! Liners- I know you can get all sorts, paper/ fleece etc. Do I have to use a liner every time? And what is the best type?

Thank you again!! X

AmandaPayne Sat 05-Jan-13 17:59:16

I think it is very, very personal. We used re-useables, but despite a couple of attempts I have never got on with two parters. I had the terry sort, and all that wet cloth against their skin gave both DD's nappy rash. I hated the soggy all through feeling and DH hated them because he didn't like the two bits.

For us, Bumgenius were a winner. We used them from DD1 being about 9 months (after trying some of the aformentioned options) and then with DD2 from a week or two old. I would definitely keep an open mind and not buy too many of one sort at the start.

Liners - you don't need them until the baby starts solids in most cases if breastfed (not sure about formula) as the poo is just runny squidge and doesn't have real substance. Afterwards, most people seem to prefer paper and you can just pick up and flush without having to handle the poo. We didn't get on with those either (aren't we contrary!). They always seemed to bunch and twist when the wriggled and, again, I didn't like the dampness next to their skin. Fleece suited us much better and is what we use now.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Sat 05-Jan-13 18:11:41

Sounds like you've got a good 'starter kit' and you can always sell on stuff you don't like and buy more of what you do. I use bumbles in the day too and like them. I only started using washables when dd was 11 months so well into eating solids and having correspondingly solid poos! I use paper liners, I agree there wouldn't be much point to them when you just have liquid bf poos. I use disposable liners so you can lift out and chuck the poo easily. I had softee ones from the nappy lady and then they were out of stock so I think I have little lambs ones at the moment. I don't find they cause any nappy rash - dd only gets rash when she's teething. I hope you enjoy using your nappies when your LO arrives! If you want more advice or have nappy related questions, come and join us on the general nappy chat thread!

TeaandHobnobs Sun 06-Jan-13 01:22:26

I use Ultra liners for the disposable liner - I agree that this has made more sense since we starting having solid poo (and now I almost never end up with poo on the nappy itself!).

I've also recently started using fleece liners as well, since the bad nappy rash episode before Christmas, and they do seem to be making a difference - some are the little lamb fleece liners, some are just rectangles of fleece material cut by a friend (DIY!).

VisualiseAHorse Sun 06-Jan-13 17:01:49

I knew I wanted a two part system because we don't have a garden, so everything has to be either tumbled, or need to dry within a day on an air dryer.

I research loads, looked at videos on youtube too! Decided on the 'Flip' system by Bumgenius. Ordered a set of 6 covers and 12 inserts. Loved them.
Bought a few 2nd hand ones on eBay/FB group to try others. Didn't like any of them. Found pocket ones to be a faff, didn't like them at all. Tried a Tots Bots one (fitted nappy with wrap). HATED IT. When LO weed, it was wet all the way up to the edge of the nappy. In the Flips, he only gets wet around his willy and bum, not around his waist.

I sold all the other ones I've bought, and now stick soley to Flips. I'll be buying some other wraps that work with the microfibre inserts too, when I get some dosh.

I use flushable liners, but only flush if they have poo on them. If he's only weed on them, you can wash them a few more times before they start falling apart.

VisualiseAHorse Sun 06-Jan-13 17:03:24

Oh, and I started using them at 10 weeks, LO is now 8 months old, and hasn't worn a disposable for about 3 or 4 months!

rrreow Tue 08-Jan-13 18:19:19

I started when DS was 1 year old (tried briefly when he was about 4-6 weeks but got discouraged due to leaky poonami situations and just didn't have the experience to know what to do!). Went for all in ones (Bambino Mio, Mio Solo and also have a few Smartipants), but am regretting that choice now (DS is now 20 months) as stuffing the nappies is just SUCH a faff. I work full time so when I do laundry I want it to be EASY, not ages of stuffing nappies. So I'd rather take 5 more seconds putting each nappy on with a 2 part nappy system. I don't have any complaints about the nappies themselves though, I probably prefer the Smartipants slightly over the Bambino Mios. They're also good for nursery, although I still think a 2 part system is fine to expect a nursery to do, as long as the inside is a shaped nappy (I wouldn't ask the nursery to do any folding of terries or anything!)

Anyway, I'm taking deep breaths to try and get the motivation to eBay my nappy stash and invest in two parters instead. Tempted to go for the Bamboozle Stretchies for inners although they are quite expensive. First need to do some research though and find out what would be the best nappy wrap for DS. For DC2 (I'm currently pregnant) I'm thinking of using muslins or terries & a wrap initially, then once s/he's big enough to use the same ones as I'll be using for DS at that point.

gardenpixies32 Wed 09-Jan-13 20:20:07

I use cloth nappies with my 14 week old twins. I started when they were 8 weeks old. I have a combination of LL size one with LL wraps & Bumgenius all in one nappies. I like both equally, although the BG are much quicker to dry. I haven't found it difficult with washing etc and I love using cloth nappies.

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