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New to reusable nappies - please help!

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squidkid Thu 03-Jan-13 17:30:41

So I made the move to reusable nappies for the new year. Baby is 3 months old. They seem to fit nice and snugly. We are just doing day time for now. I've had three or four small leaks so far - urine, no poo. Seems to be coming out the side of the leg...

Is this likely to be a fit problem (in which case will I need a different brand? and how will I know what will fit her?) or an absorbency problem? I pre-washed the nappies (once) but not the inserts, will this improve with washing? So confused!! I am using 2 inserts with each nappy.

I bought a load of ebay cheapies whilst I was pregnant as I got confused with all the brands and thought I'd try the cheapest first!! They are super cute on her. I can't find the exact listing any more, but they are basically this

ebay cheapies

Any tips massively appreciated! Am keen to do this for my pocket and the environment!

squidkid Thu 03-Jan-13 17:32:57

Sorry just noticed that ebay link is about to expire, more of the same nappies here

Joannezipan Thu 03-Jan-13 17:39:48

If the fit is fairly snug then it's not that. You normally have to wash about 5 times to get up to max absorbency so it could be that. Also you need to change more often than with a disposable, at least every feed, maybe more if you have a "heavy wetter". Also experiment with how you put the inserts in. If you have a DS then put the folded over bit at the front, at the back for a DD. if you still get leeks in a couple of weeks then you could try some bamboo booster inserts. Little lamb do good cheap ones. These absorb more so extend the change time a bit. We use them at night now.

Kelbells Thu 03-Jan-13 22:42:58

Hi Squid, I'm pretty much just going to echo the same advice, I couldn't open the link but depending on the material they need washing 5, even up to 10 times with bamboo to get the absorbency to maximum, once and they really won't absorb much. You're not using softener are you? As that will stop absorbency even more.
I've got a couple of cheapies and they work fine, but the inserts they supply are pretty useless on their own I find, I'd definitely boost it with a bamboo booster , you could use a little lamb booster, i have in the past but DS wees them out pretty quickly so have to use a few or a bigger more absorbent one. Try this link for details on boosters, the website is also my God for where to go with cloth nappy advice!

Kelbells Thu 03-Jan-13 22:46:08

Oh, and it doesn't sound like the fit if they are so snug everywhere, especially if the poosplosions are being contained! - this is exactly the same problem I get with DS if I haven't put boosters in his nappies! But boosted he can go 3-4 hours and overnight in his super huge bamboo nappies!

squidkid Fri 04-Jan-13 15:07:08

Thank you so much for your help, both of you!!

We are still probably only on wash 2 so i may persevere until 5-10 washes.

kelbells good to know the cheapies can be fine and thanks for the advice on inserts. The ones I have are microfibre. According to that link you've posted, "basic cotton" ones are the cheapest and most absorbent, what is the advantage of bamboo?

squidkid Fri 04-Jan-13 15:54:25

Also, is there any difference between brands of bamboo insert, or would any bamboo insert do?

Joannezipan Fri 04-Jan-13 16:42:42

Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton so is less likely to leak. I have bum genius nappies with micro finer and during the day they are fine. We only use bamboo at night. I got the little lamb inserts from fill your pants I think and they weren't very expensive. I haven't ever used any other types, but it's likely to just be difference in shape and size I guess.

squidkid Fri 04-Jan-13 20:00:39

Thanks, have sent off for some little lamb bamboo inserts to try. Really want to crack this!

Joannezipan Fri 04-Jan-13 23:22:17

Well done! I find we go through periods where we get lots if leaks and then months of none at all. I think it's when they grow and change shape. Good luck!

squidkid Wed 16-Jan-13 20:20:02

Just an update to let you know the bamboo inserts are working brilliantly and we rarely have leaks now (and all the massive poos have been contained!) I am so happy I am saving money and helping the environment. And they look so much cuter than normal nappies. We still use a disposable at night but one a day seems so much cheaper and better than 10 a day! I may use cloth at night time when I'm a bit more confident. I am using them for out and about though, so that's great!

Thanks for your help!

One last question: the nappies I bought say wash at 30 degrees - which I am doing - I'm happy with this as it's quicker and more economical - they seem fine - but should I be washing them at a higher temperature than this?

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