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Getting myself in a head-spin! Help?

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wishfulthinking1 Sun 30-Dec-12 10:49:16

Hi all,
I would really really appreciate some advice on cloth nappies. None of my friends or family have ever used them- I'd like to for environmental and financial reasons. But I'm so confused!! I feel like I've been researching for weeks and the more I research the more confused I get!

I've been looking a lot on the 'fill your pants' site that offers a 'try cloth for £10' scheme which seems like a good idea, but even that confuses me!

I've YouTube things, but can someone please explain the difference (in simple terms) between all in ones / all in twos/ pocket/ fitted?..

My DH isn't over keen on the idea (because no one we know does it) so I'd like something as simple to use as possible.

I've been looking at popular 'best sellers' as a place to start. Do all of the all in ones have everything washed every time? It seems that the 'grovia' outer thing bit doesn't need to get washed all the time as the whole liner thing comes out? And liners are getting me in a stew! I keep reading about paper liners- but then on YouTube no one ever seems to use one in their demos!

I'm clearly a hormonal pregnant woman as I'm literally crying with confusion! Where shall I start?

Has anyone tried the 'try cloth for £10'?

And these ones on eBay are v cheap- do they work just as well?

Any advice for a stressed out beginner would be massively appreciated.

wishfulthinking1 Sun 30-Dec-12 10:50:45

Clearly they were not the correct links- have no idea how that happened!

Kelbells Sun 30-Dec-12 11:39:28

I know what you mean, my head was a spin when I was looking at them,but I've used cloth since my DS was born in October (as soon as the meconium finished) and haven't looked back!

All in two/two part - A shaped nappy (eg. little lamb) that requires a separate cover to keep it waterproof (eg motherease rikki) - these are often the best fit and flexibility as they will be different sizes for different weights/ages.

All in one - the absorbent part and the wrap are attached, more convenient but longer drying.

Birth to potty - this is usually an all in one (eg bumgenius freetime/easyfit) that you can adjust the length to last from newborn to potty training.

A pocket nappy - a nappy that you stuff with the absorbent material of your choice (bumgenius v4/Alva)

I used the nappy lady website she does a questionnaire that she uses to tailor her advice for you depending on washing/drying/finance at home. She also has a great section with advice on washing etc...

I also bought a few different types individually and second hand to see which I liked, personally I like all in ones and pockets for the day and two parts at night as they tend to be more absorbent but it really is trial and error!

HTH!! grin

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 30-Dec-12 11:47:14


We found The Nappy Lady to be very helpful.

Complete the questionnaire and she'll make recommendations, explaining why she thinks they'll suit you.

Kelbells Sun 30-Dec-12 11:47:25

Oh and all in ones need washing everytime - anything with the absorbent bit needs washing everytime.

The separate covers in a two part system can be used 3/4 times before washing.

There are 2 types of liner, paper and fleece.

Paper is convenient and catches the poo so you can flush it away - not much use for breastfed poo as its so liquid so better after weaning.

Fleece - for an older baby poo rolls off into loo and flushes away, you wash the liner. For breastfed poo you just wash the whole thing. The benefit of fleece is it acts as a stay dry layer against baby's skin... It also protects the nappy from poo stains to some extent (the sun will fade any stains too)

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 30-Dec-12 11:50:20

Oh, and we've used little lamb microfibre nappies from birth (now 21mo and in size 2) and they've been great.

Little lamb OSFA ones are a bit leaky though.

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