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Microfibre cloths - fab!

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Rach69 Tue 11-Apr-06 19:36:05

Someone else mentioned this a while ago but I have now discovered them and need to spread the word! Value microfibre cloths are 3 for 90p in Tescos. They are fab for boosting nappies (same material as tots fluffles) and I'm now using them as washable wipes, either just with warm water or a bit of baby lotion. Easy to wash, just chuck in with the nappies. Very efficient cleaners due to texture, quicker to dry (and kinder on skin) than towelling and very absorbant.

eidsvold Wed 12-Apr-06 06:37:30

wow - never heard of them - not sure if I can get them here in Aus.

peaches27 Tue 30-May-06 15:11:04

I keep hearing about microfibre cloths for wipes and boosters. I cant visualise what they look like. I will have to go and buy some and investigate!

NannyL Tue 30-May-06 18:57:33

they are great...

at home (for cleaning) we have some of the larger household size (not the smaller tesco value size)

Im SURE they could be used as a nappy on a newborn when folded like a terry with a nippa, and as and when i have my own i have every intention of trying it out!

they can then be used as boosters later...

whatever birth to potty nappies say i really dont think they fit a new born that well for the first few weeks!

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