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Just got an email to say no more Huggies?!

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notnagging Fri 07-Dec-12 15:05:12

Apparently they will no longer be in sale from April?

notnagging Fri 07-Dec-12 16:12:10

Sorry posted quickly to do the school run. Got an email from Huggies to say that due to poor demand they will no longer be stocking their nappies in the uk. I didn't think they were that bad?

NatashaBee Fri 07-Dec-12 16:14:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DuelingFanjHoHoHo Fri 07-Dec-12 16:17:17


ChocolateCoins Fri 07-Dec-12 16:17:35

I heard about this too. I thought huggies was the leading brand? So not quite sure how they aren't selling enough! They are going to carry on seeking pull ups though apparently.

ChocolateCoins Fri 07-Dec-12 16:18:36


notnagging Fri 07-Dec-12 16:48:18

I agree they weren't the best but surely sold enough to stay in the market?

VisualiseAHorse Sun 09-Dec-12 21:45:54

I thought they were good nappies, not brilliant, but fine. - their wipes are RUBBISH though, all stuck together, hard to pull our of the pack with one hand.

notnagging Mon 10-Dec-12 06:36:06

They are keeping the wipes, which I don't understand. They dry out so quickly.

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