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Grrrrr eBay....

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swampster Wed 05-Dec-12 18:47:09

I have a bundle or several and a fully trained boy. PM me or email swampster at rocketmail dot com.

binkybonk Wed 05-Dec-12 09:13:02

So I was keenly bidding on some tots bots bamboozles on eBay and they removed the listing (I know it's not allowed but seriously, you look at all the crap on there, surely rules can be changed for the sake of the environment and economics?) and of course I don't know who the seller was to contact them to say name your price! They lived in Rossendale though... Is it you???
And if it's not you where can I buy a good 'bundle' of secondhand nappies? I love a bundle, me ��
Have tried cloth nappy tree and it has one nappy here, three there, I'd have to spend hours on there contacting several sellers to get the haul I need.
Any suggestions?

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