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Nappy rash despite using mostly reusable nappies

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Peaky1 Sun 02-Dec-12 10:52:07

Hi there

My son is now 3 weeks old and I have been mostly using washables during the day and disposables at night. Some nights I have used washables too. I used nappy cream when using disposables and nothing with the washables. For wipes, I use Cheeky Wipes so we don't use many irritants here. I believe we are changing him often enough (i.e. with each feed, checking when he's upset, or when you hear/feel the nappy filling). Unfortunately he has a rather angry red ring on his buttock cheeks around his anus (it is not actually on his anus) and that has just started to spread with a few red spots. Have been using sudocrem since I noticed the red ring about 3 days ago and it doesn't seem to be making much difference.

Does anyone have any thoughts/previous experience/advice on this? I may take him to the GP tomorrow as I have already called the HV and that is what they suggested if it doesn't get better in 24 hours with sudocrem.

MoetEtPantsOn Sun 02-Dec-12 10:57:36

Wouldn't you need more cream with washables not less? Might be better to use only disposables for a bit. I really rate sudocreme and also metanium - although can't remember if that's ok from birth. Good luck!

Kelbells Sun 02-Dec-12 16:07:22

I've been using reusables since about 3 days old for my 7 week old DS both night and day. The only time he's had nappy rash is whilst using the disposables for meconium and in the first few days just after using them. I used sudocream to clear it up and now use sudocream or metanium in his night nappies (using fleece against his skin so as not to gunk up the nappy) and occasionally in the day if I know prompt changing might not be possible. I'm pretty sure he's less prone to it in reusables. I do use fleece instead of flushable wipes to keep the wetness from his skin but apparently the rash is caused by a reaction when there's poo and wee against the skin not just wetness so make sure you're changing straight after a poo! It might also be worth looking at your washing technique to ensure all the detergent is being removed from the nappies too? The nappy lady's website has got really good advice on it... Hope that's of some help?

Kelbells Sun 02-Dec-12 16:09:41

Oh... And I use lavender oil in my cheeky wipes... Not sure if that helps soothe or not? Tea tree was way too strong for his skin..

Peaky1 Sun 02-Dec-12 17:47:41

Thanks for the responses. I will try cream more often and defo at night. I've been using bamboo boosters and started trying size 1 bamboo nappies occasionally. I use fleece liners anyway.

That's an interesting tip about the wipes. I will defo try lavender oil to see, thanks!

NAR4 Tue 04-Dec-12 11:20:34

Try washing his bottom with cooled Camomile tea, when you change a nappy, rather than using a wet wipe. This is meant to soothe the skin and also is anticeptic.

Washable nappies might benefit from an extra rinse cycle when they have been washed (if you don't already do this).

Fresh air is the best thing for nappy rash though. Let him have a bare bottom kick, lying on a nappy or towel as often as possible. Prob best on his tummy, as boys tend to wee all over themselves and their surroundings otherwise.

Hope it clears up soon. Always worth trying differrent creams, some suit differrent babies better than others.

Peaky1 Tue 04-Dec-12 18:57:45

Thanks for the response. It turns out that he has oral thrush, which is linked with the rash!

I do rinse the nappies and use lavender oil with camomile. I do need to give him some bare bum time though so thanks for that!

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