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Cloth nappies in hot temperatures?

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binkybonk Wed 28-Nov-12 13:40:30

I wanted to use cloth nappies first time round and piked out as they are very expensive here (and everything shipped over..) and even the shopkeeper I was about to buy them from said they're too hot here (lame, I know) BUT I want to find out from some experienced mums your views on the following:
1. Will baby's bum be sweaty/ wet all the time? It is average 28deg and 84% humidity here... ALL the time!
2. Will storing up a day or twos worth of nappies for the wash be a stink fest (in the temp as described above..!)?
3. The only brand made close to here is Charlie Banana- any good? Or do I need to ship from uk or Aus?
Thanks in advance

Chocolateisinmyblood Sun 02-Dec-12 10:36:13

watching with interest as we are moving to the middle east in the new year & keen to switch to reusables now....

binkybonk Sun 02-Dec-12 14:09:09

chocolate I also posted on the 'Living Overseas' forum here, same title and people actually responded wink
Lots of top tips and all say it's easy as pie. Spoke to my friend here who braved it when I wussed out and her experiences have been positive, although she uses biodegradable disposables at night. The humidity causes a stink but she sprays the nappies, puts in the nappy bucket and washes every two days- at least you should have dry heat so maybe not so stinky!
Me and my 3 siblings brought up in Kuwait so should've asked my mum really- we were all in terry towelling and survived wink

Chocolateisinmyblood Sun 02-Dec-12 15:13:32

Thanks! Am off to check out your other thread smile It's great to get responses, isn't it ;)

nickelbabylyinginamanger Fri 07-Dec-12 16:19:48

I think it'll be better in the heat - the nappy will be moist against the skin so cooling, and you're less likely to get sweat rash.

and they won't smell as much because of the chemicals that aren't in reusables.

i would buy and take with you, just in case.

bigbadbarry Fri 07-Dec-12 16:25:42

I used them in a Tokyo summer - up to 40 degrees and over 90% humidity. Yeah, she was sweaty but who wouldn't be in that? Don't thnk they were any worse than disposables and at least I could wash them rather than having them languishing in a bin. I had buckets with lockable tops so no smell unless they were opened. I did wash frequently. Tis was 9 years ago so they were terry tots bots. Where are you, out of interest?

poocatcherchampion Fri 07-Dec-12 16:39:11

I'm sure they will be fine. Make sure you get pretty wraps so that when they are inevitably on show as the only clothing they look nice grin

Charlie bananas are great - we are using them as night nappies as they are so absorbent.

ValiumQueen Sat 08-Dec-12 21:11:04

At least they will be easier to dry than in soggy Scotland! Alva Nappies are cheap and free postage worldwide so good to try perhaps? Pocket nappies, about 4 quid each. I love them, and have tried most on the market.

CatWithKittens Sun 09-Dec-12 11:45:08

When DS1 was still in night nappies and used to terry ones, we tried him with disposables on holiday in the south of Spain in summer and he said that they were sticky and hot. We had some terries with us, went back to using them - and faced the washing - and he said they were far more comfortable. I have to say I can see why he said it because the disposables had a lot of plastic round the side which were in contact with his skin which would be hot I would think.

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