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Help my washing machine is going to go on strike!

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domesticdiva Wed 07-Nov-12 15:36:38


Can someone please offer some helpful advice!?! My DS2 who is 2yrs, has for the last week been wetting the bed, he is not potty trained but think have come to the reason why. He gets erections during the night and on waking, which then pokes out of the nappy and hence the bed gets wet. It is only when he wakes, so don´t think he is happily playing down there. I've tried changing him before I go to bed (11pm ish), but his bed is always wet in the morning. He doesnt wake up during the night from weeing and lying in it, it is as though he simply wakes with a morning glory and then wees. Strangely though this doesnt happen after his afternoon nap?!?

I've tried a variety of nappies, and putting baby gros back on but nothing works, hence my washing machine is going to go on strike.

Has anyone had this? I know DSs have a testosterone burst around 2-3 years, but if anyone has had this, what did you do, or do I have to just wait it out?

Many thanks

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