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Timodine - how to? Nappy rash help please!!!

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GotMyGoat Wed 10-Oct-12 20:58:51


Poor dd, 14 months, is teething, and has had nappy rash for a week. the last few days it's been very bad and this morning her bum was bleeding and weeping and all horrible open wounds, I ran straight out to boots and asked for help, they said a thrush cream might be in order, but would have to speak to the GP as it's an open wound. She's been pooing a lot recently too, so her bums got a lot to fight against.

Managed to get an appointment with GP this afternoon, who has given us timodine to use twice a day - but I'm a bit confused. The GP also said it's fine to carry on with sudocrem.

We cleaned and dried dd's bum, then thinly applied the timodine - but then do i slather on the sudocrem barrier cream as usual on top of this before popping on her nappy for the night? This is what we have done tonight, as DH says this is what the doctor said to do but I can't remember that.

Will be putting on the second dose after her bath tomorrow morning, so would appreciate advise for tomorrow!

Thank you smile

Craftyone Wed 10-Oct-12 21:39:53

I was told that Vasaline is much better than sudocrem and that is all i use. My DS has never had nappy rash and i put quite a bit on at night. Use it in the creases, lower tummy and actually on the bum too. Maybe you could try it once it clears up? Sounds awful and hope she is better soon.

GotMyGoat Thu 11-Oct-12 10:09:33

Thanks, will try the vaseline once it's healed - its much cheaper than sudocrem too!

Craftyone Thu 11-Oct-12 10:35:02

Yes, Sudocream is expensive and i can't believe how well vaseline works. It was a tip from a good friend of mine and i can't thank her enough. Remember to put a good amount on at night. I also use tescos tot bots reusable nappies at night with 2 extra bamboo inserts and they can last 12 hours with no nappy rash. My DS is 11 months.
Good luck

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