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Accessories - what do I need?

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blonderthanred Sat 06-Oct-12 19:16:39

Ok, so my 8 Little Lambs OSFA nappies arrived and I'm looking at getting a few other brands too before the baby arrives in a few weeks. But what else do I need to make life run smoothly and unsmellily?

I assumed there'd be various accessory kits, but I can only find one or two - all with different contents - and I'm not sure if I'd be better buying stuff individually.

From what I've seen, the things I definitely need are:
A lidded bucket
Mesh bag (to go in bucket? Do I need 2 or more?)
Paper liners

And I possibly need:
A wet bag to take out and about
Special detergent? (Potion?)
Sanitiser (do I put this in the bucket?)

Reading threads here, maybe I should get some white vinegar too? Do I put that in the washing machine or in the bucket? What about tea tree oil? Is that just a smell thing? Anything else you've found helpful?

Would appreciate any advice - really want to make a success of this but I don't want to waste money buying stuff I don't need.

blonderthanred Thu 11-Oct-12 14:09:54

Peaky, I feel the same about worrying I'll make an expensive mistake. I'm starting with the same LL pack and will add others when I feel like it - and also if I see any offers.

I have bought an accessory pack because I was going back and forth about what I needed. Full price the items would have been about £50. I'm sure you will tell me I could have bought some of them cheaper but it's done now!

It does have liners but they are the CP cornstarch ones that another user mentioned. It also has reusable wipes which I was keen on trying.

Peaky1 Thu 11-Oct-12 15:55:03

I'm going with my Mum to the nappy shop in Leamington Spa on Saturday and also seeing the nappy library lady on Sunday so I'll be sure to have a good gander and discussion! Glad my Mum is coming as she was one of the people who laughed at the thought of reusables but now I've discovered it's because nearly 40 years ago she was battling to put tea towels on my older sister! She likes the idea of terry towelling and is amazed that there are lots of much easier nappies out there. I need her on board as she is very kindly taking on some childminding when I go back to work to cut some nursery costs!

Great tips, thanks. It's all common sense isn't it but ooooh it's easy to get carried away.

Blonder I bought those Cheeky Wipes a while ago and am excited to start using them (do I need to get a life) though I know all too well now that there are plenty of DIY-blue-peter ideas that are much cheaper and simpler! Oh well, I love them anyway.

Indith Thu 11-Oct-12 16:04:47

Nappy libraries are a great way to try out brands.

Also if you search preloved cloth nappies on FB you will find a good buying/selling board to pick up different ones and of course sell them on again if they don't suit you. You will often get back what you pay.

When you realise you don't have enough wipes get to a poundland and buy the packs of baby flannels. They are the perfect size for wipes.

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