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Two part nappies? Inserts, liners, boosters? Help!

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PoppyAmex Mon 17-Sep-12 15:06:49

Sorry, me again with more questions. I just started trialling different models and so far my favourites are the Easyfits (I have several others on order: bumgenius, close parent, lollipop and flip).

Trying to love the Itti Bitti Tutto as I love the idea of replacing the inner bit and reusing the outer shell, but don't think I'm using the popper system properly as they seem to be stupidly low rise and there's a wee gap in the stomach area? No leeks so far but scared of making them too tight .

Anyway, I think I'll stick to velcro ones for now which raises my first question - is there a special trick to use in the washing so the velcro doesn't look all fluffy and horrid quickly?

Also, I really liked the look of a lot of the two-part nappies but am really confused about how they work - does the inner nappy get wet and the wrap is the waterproof layer? If so, does that mean that the baby is "encased" in wet fabric up to the waist?

More importantly is there a nappy/insert/pad that ensures the baby's skin is dry?

Finally, what's the difference between inserts, liners and boosters?
Do more bamboo boosters = more absorbance?

Sorry for all the questions blush I'm really excited and loving real nappies but it's a steep learning curve and I'll be very grateful if you can help out!

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Mon 17-Sep-12 15:37:23

Lots of questions - I'll try to do it bit by bit!

Inserts/liners/boosters - inserts are the absorbent bit you add to pocket nappies, which dont have any absorbency per se. Boosters are absorbent bits you add to increase the absorbency of any nappy (in the pocket of a pocket or AIO, between the nappy and the liner or nappy and wrap with a 2 parter. They're not absorbent enough to use on their own - they boost the nappy's intrinsic absorbency. Liners go next to the baby's skin, between that and the nappy. They have 2 functions - to catch the poo (makes it easy to get weaned poo off, and stops breast fed poo staining the nappy), and (in the case of fleece liners) to act as a staydry layer.

Yes, the baby is essentially encased in wet fabric, but if the nappy is fleece lined or you put a fleece liner in then this acts as a one-way street to wetness and the baby's bum won't be in contact with wetness. Paper liners (in my experience) still feel wet.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Mon 17-Sep-12 15:39:52

Re the Velcro - most nappies with Velcro have "laundry tabs" on the inside of the nappy that you fold the Velcro back and stick it onto. It stops it sticking to and knack wrong everything else. Unfortunately the Velcro does still get a bit fluffy etc and I don't think there's anyway round that - it's one of the downsides of velcro but for me personally that's balanced by the fact that I get a much better fit on my wee girl with Velcro than with poppers (I know others will disagree).

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Mon 17-Sep-12 15:47:36

Yes, more boosters will mean more absorbency, but there's a limit as the more you pack in the bigger the nappy will be and it can actually compromise fit. For night nappies I sometimes add a bamboo booster outside the nappy, between it and the wrap because it gives a nicer fit.

PoppyAmex Tue 18-Sep-12 11:46:06

Wicket I was going through the board and saw that someone called you the "Nappy Oracle" and I agree; you truly rock! grin Thank you so much, it all makes perfect sense.

I might actually consider two-parters now providing they're fleece lined, I get the feeling they would be more efficient overnight and DD has just started weaning (and pooing more) so I need as much containment as possible!

I'm off to buy some liners and boosters now - any suggestions re. best websites/shops?

ValiumQueen Tue 18-Sep-12 15:56:36

Little lamb bamboo boosters are good, but the liners are not. Lovely and soft, but they do not keep baby bottom dry. I have bought cheap fleece from Asda for £3 and cut it out. Works a treat. You can also do it to the shape and size that suits you. I like hourglass with wider at back.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 18-Sep-12 19:52:11

I've not been at it that long - you'll pick it up dead quickly!

I totally agree about Little Lamb liners. I use cheap ones from eBay. And wouldnt use anything but 2 parters overnight, personally for my tiny pee-er!

PoppyAmex Tue 18-Sep-12 20:52:34

Wicket it's strangely addictive, isn't it?

Valium I like that idea - do you just use a sewing machine and do some hems?

ValiumQueen Tue 18-Sep-12 21:04:41

Just cut them. Fleece will not fray. Good for popping solid poo off, and they wash well.

I agree it is totally addictive. I wish there was more chat on this board!

I use two partners overnight, but prefer pockets in the day. My DD wee's for Scotland at 2.4. I prefer poppas as she finds them harder to undo. I just had to go into her because I could hear a slow but steady Velcro rip on the monitor. Little rascal.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Wed 19-Sep-12 14:15:49

Valium - another Scot here!

You should try some of the Facebook groups - there's a lot of chat on Cloth Bum Mums, for example - much busier than here!

ValiumQueen Wed 19-Sep-12 16:28:44

wicket Hmm. Trouble is if I do that I may never get anything done ever again grin

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Thu 20-Sep-12 00:18:22


PoppyAmex Sat 22-Sep-12 21:30:08

Sound of velcro through the monitor made me grin How cute is that?

I'm also in Scotland (albeit not Scottish) and I must say it's hard work drying anything in this country, but the past few days have been great and I've been feeling very smug staring at my nappies "bleaching" in the sun.

So the latest update is: three consecutive days in cloth and not a single leak! Yay!

I scored a brand new (only pre-washed) full birth to potty Tots Bots kit for next to nothing plus a large pack of older Flexitots, so am now using Easyfits and Flexitots during the day and Bamboozle Stretch overnight.

Also bought preloved Fuzz Bunz, Bumgenius, Little Lamb (they look so pretty), Kushies and a Cow print Alva Baby so will see how I get on with those. Also got a Motherease wrap as I'm not crazy about the Tots Bots ones that came in the packs.

What are your favourites? I can't stop buying them and now I even found facebook groups. Good god, this is bad!

I did panic a bit when DD's legs and waistband had red elastic marks on them but I think I managed to get the fit ok now. Now just obsessed with making sure she stays dry, so looking to get some fleece liners for all the nappies. Do you think that will be enough?

Also, someone could've warned me about the horrid smell on a morning nappy - EWWW! grin

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 23-Sep-12 05:14:13

My absolute favourites - Rumparooz and Real Easy nappies. My go tos!

ValiumQueen Sun 23-Sep-12 12:17:07

Very jealous of your bargains poppy and your stash sounds very wonderful indeed. I too am not overly impressed by tots bots wraps, but they do the job it seems. Also agree with morning nappy. Especially if she sneaks a poo in.

The sound of the velcro would have been cute had I not been heavily pregnant and had a broken leg quite recently, so I cannot move very fast.

For days Fuzzis or Alva baby, for nights little lamb bamboo and blueberry wrap. For showing off nappy, tots bots easyfit flowers.

I have put DD in disposables for a couple of trips out recently, and they have leaked each time. I will learn eventually.

ValiumQueen Sun 23-Sep-12 12:26:02

Rumparooz and real easies are quite similar to Fuzzis and alvas. I think the keep dry lining and quick drying aspect are why we love them.

PoppyAmex Mon 24-Sep-12 23:01:17

VQ - good lord, you poor woman! Sounds like a soap opera plot, too cruel.
Do you have people around to do your bidding and satisfy every whim?

I'm now regretting the Tots Bots binge, because even though they're working out brilliantly I hate the thought of DD being all wet, all the time. Now I really want YOUR nappies. Blah! Hopefully the fleece will help.

Mind you, had a look at the prices for new Fuzzis and Rumparooz and I think DH would murder me if I replaced my whole collection now. At least Alvas are cheap grin

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 25-Sep-12 00:46:31

Don't replace your Bamboozle stretchies - they're fab! In fact, I'm just about to buy a pile more to replace my night nappies, which sadly aren't doing the job any more. I'm giving her tonight in a Bamboozle again and if she's not peed through to her sleeping bag then more Bamboozles it is! And they're good for during the day too.

ValiumQueen Tue 25-Sep-12 10:09:24

poppy I wish! My mum and dad were very helpful when I could not drive, taking DD2 to nursery, and nursery actually gave me extra hours for free, which was really kind of them. I can walk and drive now, but at 35 weeks, my bump is getting big and sore.

Do not give up on the bamboozles. Does your LO seem to mind the dampness? Is her skin coping ok? I have similar feelings to you, but DD does not seem bothered in the least, and her skin is fine. She will be potty trained in the near future, so I do not see the harm in her getting used to the wee=wet sensation. I am however working on the perfect fleece liner to make my millions. Once I have a TM I will share my secrets grin

tintin70 Thu 15-Nov-12 14:49:21

We use a great nappy liner that is flushable and eco friendly and nice and soft.
We get ours from

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