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anyone tried Alva Baby?

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ValiumQueen Wed 12-Sep-12 08:49:41

trix are you rosie then? Are you confusing me with name changes? (not hard!)

trix377 Wed 12-Sep-12 08:07:54

It's a minky giraffe print. Looks so cute. No ploppy leakage as yet & she's tried! Plenty of poppers to go before she outgrows it. And it dries quicker than our tb bargain from tesco. Two thumbs up.
I might buy some more before she sells out - it was £4.20 and she said that the postage was the same price for upto 3 of them so works out about the same price as from China if I buy a couple (don't tell dh!!!).

ValiumQueen Wed 12-Sep-12 07:04:24

What did you get? DD2 has a minky cow print poppa on at the moment, and is mooing. It fits really well, with room for growth. Obviously need to see how it copes with the inevitable, and washing too, but so far, so good.

Rosiebobs Wed 12-Sep-12 06:35:16

I ordered one from the UK seller and one from China. The UK lady posted it the same day and it arrived 2 days later, still waiting for the Chinese one sad
On the plus side I've tried it on dd and it fits really snug round the legs. Yippee no more leaky bums!!!

ValiumQueen Tue 11-Sep-12 12:14:44

Holding them against my Large Fuzzis, they should fit fine. Quite excited now.

ValiumQueen Tue 11-Sep-12 12:11:29

It is here. It looks and feels fine. Seems good quality. Shame DD2 is at nursery so I cannot put it on her. It is a minky fabric which I did not expect, and had an insert which I did not order. She is too big for my Little Lamb OSFA nappies, so may not fit this. Very much like a fuzzibunz.

ValiumQueen Sat 08-Sep-12 08:59:41

I am waiting for one in the post. It is coming from china though. When it arrives I will happily give an opinion. I like pocket nappies for daytime.

Rosiebobs Fri 07-Sep-12 22:58:29

I've seen some nappies on ebay from a UK seller. The brand is called Alva Baby, it's a pocket nappy with poppers - including hip snaps to fit my skinny DD (did not get my thighs!)
I've read loads of good reviews from the USA but I'd like to hear some in proper English!
I want to bulk out my stash for nursery and sending to grandparents & I thought they looked easy to use but cheap enough to leave a pile at the oldies house!

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