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Tots bots Vs Ebay Cheapies

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Ecgwynn Tue 21-Aug-12 20:58:39

I'm a cheapskate. What's the difference between bamboo totsbots nappies and the bamboo new washable nappies you can get on ebay, apart from price (16 pounds vs 2.50)?

With totsbots are you just paying for a label?

MrsY Tue 28-Aug-12 17:58:06

Not if the fabrics and materials are oeko-tex certified, trix, as Tots Bots all are.

And be careful thinking that the business is a us based family business, it's very easy for chinese companies to say that, and ebay won't check if it's true...

trix377 Tue 28-Aug-12 20:34:40

Oeko-tex is an ecological certification not an ethical one.

I think we'd better agree to a difference of opinion before someone has to invoke Godwin's law!

ShortMama Mon 03-Sep-12 22:48:08

I used to try to buy british for nappies, and started out with tots bots and nature babies, then discovered thirsties and kissaluvs (both usa) which doesn't do much for the carbon footprint but lovely products! I haven't gone down the ebay cheapie route as I'm also of the view that some things are just too cheap (certain tesco clothing for example - no idea where it's made but how can they sell t-shirts for less than £2 and make a profit on it without using dodgy labour somewhere?). I'm not about to preach we all have to make our own choices but for me I do prefer to avoid the really cheap brands, also I want my stuff to last. I never used to buy frugi clothes as they are so expensive but then got given something and it was so well made and just washed and kept going so well I was converted - tho can't afford it new so mostly watch for it in nearly new sales lol.

SarryB Sun 09-Sep-12 20:22:55

I bought from yellowbloom (ebay seller) - nappies are fine, they do leak if left on for longer than about 3 hours though, and don't hold in poo too well (but nothing is holding my LO's poo or wee at the moment, everything seems to leak out of his right leg-hole).

Just received one TB nappy from my mum, it's cute, but very bulky, and I didn't like that the whole nappy got wet. On the pocket ones from eBay, just the stuffer gets wet, whereas I find that with the TB, although it doesn't leak, the whole inner nappy gets wet, right up to the waistband.

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