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Can I re-waterproof my flips?

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SmilingandWaving Tue 26-Jun-12 11:54:27

I've been using a set of BG Flips for DS since he was about a month old and up til recently they've always been great.

He's now 18 months and in the last couple of months they've been leaking like mad. I tried stripping them and boosting them and then I had a close look at the covers and the pul coating is all cracked and flaking.

I really can't believe it, I thought they were meant to last for ages. The reason we bought them was so we could use them for more than 1 DC but now it looks like they were a waste of money and I'm having to buy disposables.

They get washed at 60 or 40 about twice a week and then line dried.

I put them in the tumble dryer for 15mins as I read this could help re-waterproof but it didn't make any different.

Does anyone know if I can buy pul paint or something to re-coat them? I'm really disappointed as up til now they've always been great.

Have you been using anything like vinegar or Napisan in the wash, or soaking them? Both of those can degrade PUL.

If not, then I'd get in touch with the place you bought them from as that doesn't sound right at all.

SmilingandWaving Wed 27-Jun-12 16:01:13

No I just dry pail and then strait in the wash with a small amount of Fairy powder.

I had a look at the Flip website and they're only covered by a warranty for one year. I bought them from fillyourpants so will give them an email and see if they can suggest anything.

SarryB Fri 29-Jun-12 16:26:07

If you find out anything, please post! I'm really enjoying my Flips, I'd like them to last.

LeggyBlondeNE Mon 06-Aug-12 13:02:59

Any update on this? Our flips are no longer quite so bomb-proof as they were (although that's partly the suprt-wees of our toddler and the fact my DH has accidentally radiator'd each outer at least once when asked to put things to dry!)

flootshoot Mon 06-Aug-12 16:21:29

A suggestion on the nappy lady website is to wash the wraps (NOT the nappies) with a big dose of fabric conditioner if the waterproofing is failing. I do this with mine from time to time, makes them smell nice too.

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