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Would anyone be interested in a general nappy chat thread?

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TribbleWithoutACause Thu 23-Feb-12 12:30:51

I can't be the only one with a bit of a nappy obsession.

Can I? [confussed]

LeBFG Thu 05-Jul-12 07:12:51

The question is - do we ever want our DC's potty trained??

Sarry - I'd love to hear how the ebay cheapies go. Everytime I see them I think, umm, maybe try just one. But my frugal DH thinks they'll be a waste of money. I love the choice of covers too.

I remember being in your position Kelbells. I've just been looking back at DS's photos. He was such a chunk at 6-9mo. His legs filled out his nappies. Now he's so thin in comparison. I think babies, and thus nappy fits, change so much. Be prepared to buy in some different styles later on.

SarryB Thu 05-Jul-12 14:06:20

I agree lebfg - the choice of covers is ace! I've only got three, and they can be used as wraps for terries as well.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Fri 06-Jul-12 00:01:37

The eBay cheapies are so cheap that it's not a huge loss if they don't work for you. I'm not impressed, though. We've had loads of pee leaks. I struggle to get them to fit my DD well. And the colour has run in the wash (all mine are minky ones). They're really bulky on my titch. They'rey last choice to put on her, although I'm hanging on to see of they fit her a bit better when she's bigger - I wonder if some of the pee leakage is because I struggle to get a good fit round the legs. I find solid nappies for her much better - with the exception of Real Easy nappies by Hip Hip Baby, which I loooooove (a love only equalled/rivalled by Easyfits V3 and Rumperooz).

LeBFG Fri 06-Jul-12 08:34:06

I've got the much more expensive Itti bitti D'lish snap-in-one. They are the large size but my DS only just fits into this range (he's 10kg). The fit around the tops of the legs with these types of nappies seems really important. For the moment, I don't think he's chubby enough as they also wick pee between the legs. So annoying! HOw old is your DD WicketKeeper? They change so much in the first 6-9 months. I definately found the fitted nappies best for containment early on.

The second hand Diddy micros I bought in part to have something quick to dry have turned out to be slow drying sad

Kazriina Fri 06-Jul-12 09:06:07

Oh can I join in?! I'm 38 weeks at the min with pfb, and after sticking up with several months on disposables decided to try reusables. I've bought just over 20 and a mix of lollipop, smartipanrs, tots bots, and fuzzi bunz with a eBay cheapy for good measure.

I'm praying I get on with them all as I hate waste and being wrong

Any advice for the newbie? grin

blossombath Fri 06-Jul-12 22:31:45

oh me too, I am starting a dangerous cycle of selling things on ebay purely in order to build up enough paypal credt to buy nappies...
Currently obsessing over motherease Wizard Duos - Nappy lady says they are great for night and so I'm -hoping- wondering if they will help to reduce the effects of my LO's 4month sleep regression.

also spending a lot of time googling wet nappy bags as need to get a good big one for holidays coming up. Are they all much of a muchness, or is it worth shelling out for a fancy one?

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sat 07-Jul-12 00:35:21

LeBFG - she's 20 weeks. She's just a wee soul, though. Between 9th and 25th centile for weight and just 9th centile for length.

I've got a couple of Itti Bitti SIOs in medium, and they suit her reasonably well. I really like them for going out as they're so teeny in the changing bag! I've not had a single leak from 2 parters, and the AIOs and other pockets I've got so far have been pretty good too. The aplix ones are definitely better, other than the Real Easy, and I'm sure it's because I'm getting a better fit round the legs.

LeBFG Sat 07-Jul-12 08:21:35

Those Real Easy nappies look great Wicket...hummm, may have to think on that for a bit. Not too dear either. I found the motherease airflow wrap, which is poppered, a good fit because you alter the legs and waist separately.

I have some Wizard Duos blossom - they are GREAT. I only have the day inserts, but use them as night nappies with a bamboo booster between insert and wrap. They are really absorbant and at the moment they are my quickest drying nappy. I wouldn't consider buying a load as they are sooo expensive, although I reckon the resale value will be high.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sat 07-Jul-12 11:04:27

Le BFG - Rockabye Baby have Real Easys for half price just now grin. Not too many left but worth a look. I'm really impressed with them - there is never a red mark on DDs thighs from the elastic because of the fleecy lining extending out yet they're tight enough to fit and contain well. I like the edjustability of leg and waist separately, like in airflows. I was expecting into take an age to dry because of the hemp insert, but it's one of my quicker drying nappies. I have another 2 in the post from Rockabye Babies grin

blossombath Sat 07-Jul-12 11:29:21

Good to get another recommendation lebfg, might just get a few Wizards to be night only...but it is the price that puts me off - currently DS sleeps in bumbles bought from Ebay for approx £1 each, so would be a big investment. BUt if it means I can keep cloth-nappying at night and also sleeping, would be worth it.

Glad others find it tricky to get fit right - I seem to be constantly changing buttons and am never sure whether I've got it right.

kazriina I really like Fuzzi BUnz but it's hard to give advice cos each baby is so different (plus I;m still a relative newbie with a 17wo) but if one type doesn't suit your LO don't think of it as waste, just sell it on and invest in a new one...

SarryB Sat 07-Jul-12 11:47:26

Babies certainly are different!!

LO stayed in a Flip nappy all night - from 7pm till 7am.

blossombath Sat 07-Jul-12 12:18:59

sarry ds stays in the nappy and does sleep, but every time he wakes it takes him longer to get back to sleep and he seems to wake more in his bumble than the did the nights we had no clean nappies and put him in a disposable. I wonder if he notices the dampness when he's wriggling round going back to sleep.

But then it could be that he's just hungrier some nights than others, it's not like we can do a scientific check on cloth vs disposable cos he's ebf on demand so you never know exactly how much he's had...I'm essentially clutching at any straws that might help him sleep and also any excuse for a new nappy!

SarryB Sat 07-Jul-12 16:31:45

That's interesting - I suppose he would notice the damp more in a cloth. Does he complain when he has a wet nappy? My LO is not bothered at all by a wet or dirty nappy, which is why I change 3 hourly as a rule. He wouldn't let me know when he's wet.

blossombath Sat 07-Jul-12 17:13:21

he doesn't really mind wet nappies in day - some he seems to notice more (ie a teddy he notices cos I think it feels wet quicker, but a fuzzi bunz or bumgenius he can be in for hours). Maybe it's the bulk of the superstuffed bumble he objects to, or maybe the motherease wrap annoys him (he does seem to have a red mark on tummy many mornings.

I tried fleece wraps to be softer on his skin but they didn't seem to really work as soon as any pressure is applied to them so I can't imagine they'd work overnight?
or maybe I really am clutching at straws and need to think of another reason for buying new nappies....maybe as a treat for his 4month birthday??

StellaAndFries Sat 07-Jul-12 17:21:06

Omg I have been name checked on a thread grin I was 4andnotout and somewhat obsessive about fluff grin having dd3 and dd4 13 months apart was fantastic for nappy co ordination, I was slightly obsessive about them wearing the same itti colour at the same time and they had to be stored in correct rainbow order blush

However dd4 toilet trained at 2 which was over a year ago now and there will be no more dc for me. I have other obsessions to spend my money on now grin

TribbleWithoutACause Sat 07-Jul-12 17:24:26

Oh gosh, I'd forgotten about this one!!

We're still a tad obsessed in our house <ignores piles of nappies threatening to take over>.

SarryB Sat 07-Jul-12 21:05:02

It's scary isn't it....I have to remind myself that we have plenty of other things we need to buy first! But I just can't resist looking.

For those that like Bitti Tutti, Babipur have got some on offer:

LeBFG Sun 08-Jul-12 13:08:54

Feeling a right numpty - yesterday I washed my lovely bamboos with a red dress...

I've done this sort of thing before (I'm crap at this sort of thing tbh)...but I was hoping the dress was old enough not to run. Any ideas on how to fix? I'm hoping repeated washing and line-drying will fix them eventually.

Any other experiences with wool wraps anyone? I've seen a real cuty one on Cuddlebabes.

swampster Sun 08-Jul-12 13:36:34

StellaAndFries??? I miss those days!

MrsJamin Sun 08-Jul-12 13:38:14

Hi everyone, do you know where is best to sell "preloved" second hand nappies now? I have a big stash of Itti Bitti D'Lishes to sell and Cloth Nappy Tree have just closed their classified forums sad

TribbleWithoutACause Sun 08-Jul-12 13:44:24

MrsJammin Cloth bum Mums on FB or the preloved section on natural Mamas. There is quite a few FSOT groups that are very popular these days.

I'll get a few links when I get on the laptop.

MrsJamin Sun 08-Jul-12 14:35:55

Great - found the other thread about the demise of clothnappytree and they said about some FB groups as well. Is it bad form to post the same nappies to various different groups?

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 08-Jul-12 14:39:05

LeBFG - how about Dr Beckman colour run remover?

MrsJammin - there are a few FB groups. Have a look at Preloved Cloth Nappies or For Sale - Preloved Cloth Nappies and Accessories (the latter seems to get much more traffic)

LeBFG Mon 09-Jul-12 10:36:06

Thanks for the recommendation Wicket. I'm hoping a one-off treatment won't damage the nappies.

What a pity about clothnappytree. It filled a niche. The fb groups aren't the same (I live in the stoneage though)

SarryB Mon 09-Jul-12 11:17:21

I just received my Cheeky Wipes in the post, and I'm impressed with them so far. I just got the mini kit, which has wipes, a clean box, a clean bag for going out and some oil drops.

How do I get poo stains out? I don't have a garden, so I dry indoors on a clothes horse.

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