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Terry nappies-am i mad?

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emblosion Mon 30-Jan-12 00:48:40

Hi ladies,
Just hoping for some advice. I'm expecting my first baby in June and planning to use reusable nappies.

Like others, I've been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there but after a lot of thought am seriously considering just using old fashioned terry nappies. My mum and sister have made no secret of the fact that they think I am utterly bonkers for even considering this. Mum keeps predicting that they will leak everywhere and cause awful nappy rash (in a voice of doom)...

Cost and drying fast is an issue for us and I didn't want to buy lots of sizes, so terries seemed to tick all the boxes.

I guess I just wanted some advice/ reassurance from someone that has used terries . Will they be ok to use from newborn? Will baby's bum be humongous? Will leaking be a massive issue? Am I just making loads of extra work for myself?

Ooo and which wraps would you recommend to go with them?

Thanks all, sorry that's so long, I really appreciate any advice you can give me!

CatWithKittens Fri 10-Feb-12 10:32:50

I've come back to this forum after a brief spell with only night nappies to deal with but now number 5 - ds3 - is here, it's back to three in nappies though ds2 & dd2 are both slowly beginning to have the odd dry nights. We've used Terries for all of them and for the last nearly 8 years have always had at least two in nappies if you count night time ones. (They've all taken after DH and been a bit later than some to start producing the hormone necessary for dry nights!) For quite a lot of that time we have had three in nappies and I dread to think how much we would have spent on disposables. Anyway the purpose of this is to say that Terries are easy, cheap and quick to dry. One day, so I am told, they come in handy to clean floors, cars, windows and the like, though I suspect ours will not have much life left in them by then. When we've had children in daytime nappies, I have always folded them (the nappies, not the children) when I take them off the line (or occasionally out of the dryer) so that they are ready to put on. It's a great help when they get to to the wriggling and running away stage. I've always used plastic pants, much to the horror of many on this group, I suspect, but have had very few leaks (even with 6 year olds overnight) or pooh-explosions over the years. I do recommend buying the most expensive and thickest nappies you can find and later getting some overnight or toddler ones.

CelticPromise Mon 13-Feb-12 17:12:42

I am another terry lover, my DH was not convinced but now thinks they are great. SOme of my terries are in fact from when DH was a baby, MIL still had them after all these years. I just double up at night now DS is bigger, works really well.

Emiliajane Sun 30-Dec-12 11:13:38

Thanks so much all for posting, this is really useful advice! Brilliant!

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