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Does anyone use Bamboozle Nappys & live in a hard water area?

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DebsJM Thu 29-Dec-05 21:16:32

I live on the South Coast and the water here is hard so all my lovely soft tots bots original nappies go all crunchy. I have started using fluffles nappies which do stay lovely and soft but I think they are irritating my sons skin. Anyway, my question is "do bamboozles stay soft when washed in hard water?? Thanks ladies.

FlameRobin Thu 29-Dec-05 21:20:01

South coast here too (Bournemouth)... I don't know if we're hard or soft, but would guess hard since I get crunchy tots too. Only had 3 washes of bamboozles so far, but they have stayed soft - radiator dried each time.

saintnik Thu 29-Dec-05 21:22:03

I'm in a soft water area and my tots went crunchy but bamboozles are fine, nice and soft when line dried. They are fantastic nappies - so soft, so absorbant, so slimline...sigh!

DebsJM Thu 29-Dec-05 21:31:54

Never seen a bamboozle so does the inside of the nappy have a built in soft stay dry liner like the fluffle or does it look like the inside of an original tots bots nappy?

FlameRobin Thu 29-Dec-05 21:33:18

Just like a normal TB, not the weird fluffle bit.

FairyTaleinNewYork Thu 29-Dec-05 21:33:19

they stay very soft, the need a seperate fleece liner. which is easier to shake the poo off imo. dont like my fluffle.

saintnik Thu 29-Dec-05 21:33:48

There's an attatched liner of the same material as the rest of the nappy, so more like the normal tots. Ther take about as long to dry too.

leahbones Fri 15-Jan-16 19:29:29

my baby is 11 months old and have been using tot bots bamboozles since he was 2 months old at the beginning they worked really well that is they were absorbent and kept his clothes dry and his bum healthy, but now as he is older i have found that they give him a really sore bottom so i have been putting him in normal disposable nappies to give his bum a rest and as soon as i use the babboozles he gets a sore red bum. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hufflepuffin Sun 17-Jan-16 11:25:58

Hi Leah, do you use a fleece liner with them? That should keep his bum nice and dry.

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