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Wet nappy leakages

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DontWorryBaby Sat 08-Oct-11 16:47:41

My 22mth old currently wears totsbots flexitots nappies & wraps. We have an issue with wet nappies leaking which unfortunately could be down to a number of factors.

He drinks a lot of water. Is it likely that his nappies just don't have the absorbency to cope with a massive pee?

Since I got my washer/drier about 6mths ago, I've been tumble drying the nappies but on reading the care instruction, I shouldn't be drying the nappies. The bamboo isn't as fluffy as it was previously. Is it likely that I've ruined the nappies by drying them?

Do the wraps lose their waterproofing? He has probably worn his current size of wraps since he was 6 mths so approaching a year & a half. Do they just need replaced every so often?

Any input gratefully received.

Ariela Sun 09-Oct-11 02:09:54

Firstly check : is the wrap fitting but not a good fit? What weight is he vs recommendations of manufacturer - chances are he's outgrown them and while they do up they don't fit in the right places - bit like me and size 14 jeans!

It could be you only need to add a booster - try between nappy and wrap, as this will fit better and push the nappy closer = less likely to leak down the leg and out. Tumble drying won't ruin the nappies if on cool, however the action of the drier will over time remove fluff from the nappy and thus decrease absorbency as you clear the fluff from the filter....

Thirdly, if he's able to use a potty I'd have a try at potty training. Could be he's saving all his wee up for one big wee which the nappy is finding difficult to cope with a flood in one go. See how he copes with no nappies bare bottom and the potty (In the 50s/60s most babies were dry by day long before 2)

DontWorryBaby Sun 09-Oct-11 07:00:59

The fit is fine & he's in the weight range. I think we'll try extra boosts for a while and your theory about one big pee is logical. He does occasional pees in the potty so he knows what it's for. I just don't feel that he's totally ready for training yet but soon hopefully! Thank you.

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