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Nearly ready to wean - cloth nappy advice please!

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curlykate99 Tue 04-Oct-11 16:25:44

Hi all,

Happy to say that we converted my 5mo EBF boy onto cloth (mainly BG, few two parters) a couple of months ago and I'm loving them so far. But now we are starting to think about how things will be when he starts on solids and would like to know (in gory detail if poss please) how you deal with the proper stinky poos, particularly with pocket nappies.

Do you add an extra liner? (I already have cut up fleece blanket which I use for wipes and occasional liner in two part systems - is that OK or should I buy paper?).

I have seen some people talk about flushing them to get rid of the worst of the poo, but what about if you aren't near a toilet (thinking stupid nappy changing rooms with no loo or changing in car etc.)?

Also can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy a bucket with a lid? - have looked everywhere inc. Wilkos, supermarket etc. but no joy.


joruth Tue 04-Oct-11 17:27:18

home brew buckets are cheaper and come in a range of sizes perfect for nappies!! Also much cheaper than things sold for babies!!

for example

I had less problem with post weaning poo than I expected...with fleece liners it tends to "roll off" into the loo or nappy sac. But for teething or tricky poos there are one way disposable liners some of which are washable if they don't get poo on...try online. Boots do their own but they are a bit expensive and not washable ( though i have washed them and they do work) I tend to use these liners if I'm going out/won't be near a convenient loo or if I know that the poo is less manageable than usual but stick to fleece otherwise.

Perfectly Happy People do a biodegradable version


MrsCurly Fri 07-Oct-11 13:24:11

John Lewis online do buckets with lid but they might not be as cheap as joruth's link.

And for the gory lowdown on poo, as joruth says solid ones do tend to roll off the fleece liners. But you should be prepared for the ones that don't. The best flushable liners are made by little green earthlets - see here - they are much wider and thicker than any others I have used, and can double up as wipes. You can actually wash them and reuse them; they last one or two goes in the washing machine. They also sit much better in the nappy and don't move about.

If you get poo stuck on a fleece liner you just have to stick the nappy in the loo under the flush to rinse. Disgusting but you get over it.

If you get stuck out and about just bag it and deal with it later.

Good luck with the joy of weaning.

curlykate99 Sat 08-Oct-11 11:29:54

Thanks guys, that's really helpful!! smile

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