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What am I doing wrong?!

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CitizenOscar Thu 15-Sep-11 11:27:52

Just tried a reusable nappy for the first time and within a couple of hours my 3mo DS was covered in wee & poo. Obviously I'm doing something wrong - what?

My friend gave me a random selection of nappies she used with her DD and talked me through them, but that was weeks ago and I've forgotten everything she said!

I tried an all in one (dri-fit I think) and adjusted it to the correct size, but it's all gone horribly wrong!

She's also given me some little lambs, mother-ease and a fluffibunz I think. Should I just try one of the others or am I just doing it wrong?

It has put me off a bit but I know it can be done... Help!

starfishmummy Thu 15-Sep-11 11:39:07

Possibly nothing - perhaps it was just a big wee and poo! its also possible that what suited your friends daughter will not be right for your son especially for the wees as the bulk of the padding needs to be in a different place!
Just try some of the others.

RitaMorgan Thu 15-Sep-11 11:42:34

I'm not familiar with dri-fit, but generally you do need to change reusables every 2-3 hours.

Are any of the others two part nappies? They are better for containment. You might need a booster or insert in them if your baby is a big wee-er, and use a liner to keep his skin dry (fleece are best).

CitizenOscar Thu 15-Sep-11 12:14:43

Thanks. If it had just been a little leak I wouldn't have minded but he was wet all up his back, through vest & sleepsuit. To be fair, most of the poo was contained but he was soaked!

There are some 2 part nappies so I'll try those. I just wouldn't feel confident going out with him in reuseables if he's going to need top-to-toe changing on a regular basis.

ziggyf Thu 13-Oct-11 15:51:40

You shouldn't need to do a top-to-toe change very often at all - I had a lot more poo explosions with disposables than I ever did with well-fitting reusables (my boys, not me!). Definitely give a 2 parter a go, I find a shaped nappy and Motherease wrap pretty bombproof. We've NEVER had a leak with this combination grin

thewaffler Fri 14-Oct-11 19:59:50

I second the advice regarding a 2 parter system, when I was pregnant I became mildly obsessed with using cloth nappies, ignored all the advice about trying before you buy many and stock piled enough to cover the bums of the local nursery, including lots different types of very pretty AIOs. When it came to using them, whatever make, found I was getting leaks and quickly, after trying loads of different boosting combinations and thinking I was doing something wrong, came to the conclusion (with some advice from on here) that it wasn't me, but the AIOs. I stuck to my 2 parters and haven't looked back.

I know some people swear by AIOs though, so it really is a case of what suits you and importantly fits on dc. You're doing exactly the right thing by trialling different types borrowed from a friend, I wish I did, I would have saved myself a small fortune splashing out on £20 a go nappies that leaked on dd, and therefore never used again. Good luck with the rest of the trialling, hope you find one to suit you.

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