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Question about strip washing / how much detergent to use

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AngelDog Fri 09-Sep-11 21:59:13

I'm currently using bio powder, about 1/3 of the recommended amount.

I've got some new hemp inserts, which were washed a couple of times then I put them in the machine without powder for a good few washes. Even on the second cycle without powder the water still had quite a lot of suds in it.

Does that suggest I'm using too much powder?

I do have a bit of powder build up in the detergent drawer. I've not noticed any problems with my normal nappies, although I did do a strip wash recently. I have extremely hard water so I use a scoop of soda crystals in with the powder.

GoodrickeCBlock Sun 11-Sep-11 13:54:25

I normally use non-bio with nappies and like you use about 1/3 of the recommended amount. I always do a prewash (hoping to remove the poo!) and an extra rinse also to try to reduce detergent build up.

When I strip wash I do a wash with a few capfuls of white vinegar, then I do 2 -3 regular washes but with no powder added. Before I do though I wash out my powder drawer to remove any slimy residue (the only time I remember to do this actually blush ).

If after the 3rd wash I can still see bubbles in the drum I just keep washing until I don't.

Its a real pain TBH but I've only ever had to do it every 6 months or so

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