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Question for terry users - terries and constipation

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dobeessneeze Thu 01-Sep-11 12:07:56

I have an 8-week old baby and have just started using bamboo terries (with Motherease wraps) this week. She hasn't pooed once when I have been using the terries on her (we've been using a mix of terries and disposables since last week and exclusive terries for 3 days now, so no poos for the last 3 days!), and today has been really agitated. I took her nappy off and let her kick about, and within 5 minutes she had pooed on her changing mat and was grinning up at me, obviously feeling a lot better. She struggles and fusses a lot more when I'm putting the terry nappy on her, but I keep telling myself that she's only 8 weeks old and probably can't tell yet that the nappy that I'm sliding under her bum is one she doesn't like?

It might just be coincidence that she didn't poo just as I switched to terries and coincidence again that she pooed when I took her nappy off (and actually she spends a lot of time with no nappy on her mat and still hasn't pooed for 3 days), but I'm starting to wonder whether the terries have been causing her problems with pooing? They are quite bulky on her so when she's lying down her bum is raised up a bit, and I wonder whether anyone else has experienced this, or whether anyone can tell me that it is just coincidence after all. I hope it is just coincidence as in every other respect I really love my new nappies!


nannyl Fri 02-Sep-11 08:59:29

im sure it must be conincidence.

not that long ago disposables didnt exist and 15 / 20 years ago they werent nearly as thin as they are now.

and the whole human race has survived pooing in them.

if she spends lots of time nappy-less on her mat, the changes are she will poo on it at some point!

ragged Fri 02-Sep-11 09:08:21

Er... no correlation in my experience, either.
Is she breastfed? Exclusively Breastfed babies typically go 4-7 days between poos, starting from about 4-6 weeks old.

dobeessneeze Fri 02-Sep-11 16:44:47

Not the terries' fault and not so much poo - that's brilliant! She is breastfed - I was expecting the "2 a day the size of a £2 coin" to continue indefinitely.

Good point on the survival of the human race. (Can I claim some sort of baby-related temporary loss of brain function?) I had just about convinced myself it was all the terries' fault as she pooed 3 more times in disposables yesterday afternoon, but we're back on the terries today (and coincidentally there's been no poo so far but after her mega-clearout yesterday afternoon I'm not surprised!) Thanks smile

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