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Using cloth nappies for night time

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curlykate99 Fri 26-Aug-11 19:36:31

Hi would appreciate some advice pls!

I'm new to cloth nappies but been successfully using BG in the day for my 4mo EBF baby - love them so far smile

I have snapped up a few bargains for a two part system(s) which I was planning to try out for nights - I've got ME airflow wraps, a bambinex teddies, a couple of lollipop micros and a few different boosters (large bamboo, motherease stay dry pop-in, microfibre).

I should say until now I have not been changing in the night since the night-time poos stopped happening and therefore have been using one disposable from 8pm-6am with no leaks. I hope I can do the same with cloth?

2 questions - 1) what do you think would be the best combos of the above (or do i need additional supplies) and 2) can i use these 2 part systems without a liner or do i really need some fleece or something to keep baby's bum dry?


WLmum Fri 26-Aug-11 20:20:41

Hi, with DD1 I used ME wrap and tots bots plus 2 boosters (with a liner) for nights, generally didn't have leaks but she did have an enourmous backside! With DD2 I confess that I have slipped to using disposables for nights (but cloth in the day) due to additional washing needed, and have had a few leaks with disposables too so not massively better than cloth although I don't rush to change her first thing as I did with DD1 in cloth. For me, it will be interesting to see how potty training goes with DD2 as DD1 was quite early (clean and dry day and night by 22 months entirely at her own request) which I wonder if was down to being in cloth and being able to feel the wet so learning the association.
I don't think being in cloth at night affected sleep either - don't think being wet woke her until she was around potty training time when she did used to wake and be really upset about being wet.
Not sure where you're based but when I get round to it I am planning to sell tots bots size 2 stuff...
I think be brave and give it a go! Best of luck.

curlykate99 Fri 26-Aug-11 20:31:27

Thanks for that, yes think I will definitely give it a go, nothing to lose (mental note to get waterproof sheet down from washing line). I'm going to give a lollipop micro a go tonight with the staydry pop in as a liner/booster - I agree about the size he does look like a weeble! Just read on another forum that one baby had the circulation cut off in his leg from a night nappy so will probably wake up with paranoia about that now anyway, hehe.

nannyl Fri 26-Aug-11 22:42:20

try what you have smile

you may find that those fabrics arnt quite up to a whole night. If they are now, in time they may not be.
If so try a bamboo nappy like a tots bamboozle or the new bamboozle stretch which should fit your child from now until potty training. or maybe a hemp nappy

dont be afraid to boost well.... you can use a booster inside the nappy and between the nappy and the wrap. again bamboo or hemp boosters are very absorbant

ME airflow is one of the most reliable wraps smile

and yes id use a fleece liner to keep bum dry smile

Pingpong Sun 28-Aug-11 12:18:14

I think you need something more absorbant than microfibre at night.
Little Lamb bamboo would be better or like nannyl says a Totbots stretchie size 2 is great value as it's BTP.
I prefer Rikki to Airflow in the Motherease range as you get the double gusset and I think they are bombproof!
For hemp nappies I really like the Ella's house bumhuggers. They are fleece lined so keep the babie's bottom nice and dry but the hemp is thirsty. They have a narrow pocket for boosting but you can boost between nappy and wrap if you need to (again like nannyl said wink )

curlykate99 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:02:17

Thanks both, very useful info, I did write a reply previously but obviously it got lost in the ether. I tried a micro nappy with booster and it worked fine but take your point about the need for extra absorbency in the longer term - great excuse for more shopping smile It is getting quite addictive all this, am I going to need a walk-in wardrobe for nappies soon?!

LeggyBlondeNE Thu 06-Oct-11 08:30:18

I know this is an older thread but ... at that age we used a normal flip stay-dry with an extra bamboo booster folded into it. Then we went on to pop-ins with double the normal inserts. Since she turned 12 months she's been leaking a lot and I've finally had a dry night with a flip insert (so booster and liner in one!) boosting a Bamboozle stretch and a rikki wrap.

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