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Help 4 wk old leaking nappies.......

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Gemd81 Wed 24-Aug-11 10:09:59

Does anyone have any advice on the best brand nappies I keep getting pooped and pee'd on have tried pampers and huggies does anyone know which is the best brand to avoid leaks. are reusable nappies better in preventing leaks?

Steeplearningcurve Wed 24-Aug-11 11:13:06

Hi we found tesco nappies best, as they seemed quite adjustable. We also had leaks with pampers. Can't advise on reusables as I've only just started using them now she's older so not sure how they work on a smaller baby.

BedHog Wed 24-Aug-11 11:20:24

Supermarket own brands are best imo - cheaper too!

It might be time to go up to the next size too - my DS was in size 1 for a really short time. The sizes are based more on absorbancy rather than physical size so you might get less leaks with a bigger nappy.

Also, if you have a boy, do you make sure his willy points down every time?

ObviouslyOblivious Wed 24-Aug-11 11:31:00

Ok I'm going to admit something quite embarrassing here: most of the leaky nappies I encountered in the first few months of DS' life were my fault. I carefully made sure his willy was pointing down, did up the nappy and then (and this is the stupid part) adjusted the inner membrane part so that it was kind of turned outwards IYSWIM, rather than turning in on itself like it should do. I thought that's how they were meant to go.

Now I'm sure you're not as silly as I am <considers campaign for actual instructions on nappy packaging> but I just wanted to put it out there, in case grin

These days when they leak, it usually means go up a size.

Gemd81 Wed 24-Aug-11 20:59:48

Thanks ladies will try tescos and have been pulling inner membrane out around little girlies butt cheeks - this may have been my faux pas!
Good job I have not gotta boy would have been pee'd on by now also!

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