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DC2 due in Nov. Reusable novice/not sure yet - can anyone convert me?

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I like the idea of not putting hundreds of nappies into landfill like I did with DD but......the whole idea of reusables confuses me, despite looking at the nappylady website. I like simple systems and don't like fiddly bits and bobs. Can anyone convince me it's the right way to go for this baby due in Nov and how/what I need!! I'm not 100% convinced deep down but my 'green' hat says i need to seriously consider it! I'd rather not have to buy lots of systems - just one lot of birth to potty sounds better but is it?

notcitrus Mon 22-Aug-11 10:03:59

I'd give it a go!
Often even small ones only fit after 4-6 weeks so don't panic if they don't work earlier.
I'd go for some sort of 'pocket nappy' where absorbent inserts are shoved in a nappy-shaped bit, which does up with velcro or poppers just like a disposable's sticky bits.
I'd suggest different sizes partly as they are likely to fit better at each stage, but also second-hand almost unused size 1 nappies sell for almost nothing on clothnappytree or Ebay, so try a bunch and see how you get on.

You only need to fling them in a lidded bucket, then when full dump the lot in the washing machine with a little bit of non-bio, then dry on the line/over radiators. It's easier than remembering to go to the shop to get more, you don't feel miffed if you change a nappy and find it wasn't wet after all, and best of all they look extra adorable!

Steeplearningcurve Mon 22-Aug-11 14:41:30

I am just giving reusables a go now with dd who is 4 months. I waited as I couldn't have handled any extra work when she was a newborn and also she was very small and I wanted to just buy one size. I ordered a couple of different types to try and find the pockets ones work best for me and dry quickly ( no tumble dryer). I'm now trying to build up a bigger supply second hand. I was really confused at first but once you have some to try out yourself it all becomes a lot clearer! The btp ones fit her fine and she is just 11lb 11. I would say give it a go, but probably not the first few weeks, though I know a lot if people do.

Nanny01 Mon 22-Aug-11 18:10:55

I cloth nappied all 4 children and will for my 5th, they are so much better these days. My main concern is that I may use a couple of sposies occaionaly but our council is only going to collect 1 1/2 babgs of rubbish a week. So hope this will cut down the amount we throw away. Also our house hold budget keeps going up and up so anything we can save will be beneficial.

As others have said you may need to try a few there are places on the net that will let you try a few different styles when your baby arrives. The other option would be a nappy Laurndry service who bring prefolds out to you and collect the dirty s once a week in a proper hygienic bin.

Don't forget you can use cloth wipes that will cut down waste to and save pennies.

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