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Teeny Fits

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Nanny01 Fri 19-Aug-11 16:28:08

Bought these Tots Bots Teenyfit White - Maxi Pack for £84. I have a freebie someone gave me. The price looks better than I have seen else where; just wondering are they current stock

vallinnapod Sat 20-Aug-11 10:15:55

You didn't say where you had seen this but I have seen this price on Tesco Direct. Natural Baby Shower are also very good for Totsbots prices.

I received some free Mothercare Smart Nappies Newborns (as part of Real Nappy Week) and I am very impressed with them - well, as impressed as you can be without having yet had a baby to try them on wink

Nanny01 Mon 22-Aug-11 18:03:36

Yes Tescos, but they haven't arrived yet. Will have to get some boosters though.

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