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Tips for strip washing BG please

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LakeFlyPie Thu 18-Aug-11 09:57:54

BG V3 are now into their 3rd yr of use with DS2 and for the 1st time are a bit smelly after good washing and airing.
DS2 is teething ATM which I don't think is helping.

I dry pail and wash on a cold cycle and then at 40 or 60 with half scoop of Fairy powder with extra rinse at end and line dry.

Should I try a strip wash and if so what's the best method for BG?

Can I make use of my orange oil scented soda crystals? (says <5% orange oil on tub).
Have also got fragrance free crystals which I suspect will be better but don't have the gorgeous smell.


LakeFlyPie Thu 18-Aug-11 21:37:25

Brimming nappy bucket bump....

nannyl Thu 18-Aug-11 22:31:19

i posted this this morning...

i didnt strip BG with this method but im sure it would work the same

This is what worked for me. (they were awful so really wanted to go OTT and have it work 1st time)
I soaked for 3 hours in nappy bucket with water + vingegar ( a generous glug in a whole bucket of water)
Then soaked over night in a bucket with nappysan + water in
Then washed in machine at 60 with a tiny bit of bio (<1 tbsp) and some nappisan, and used the extra rinse setting on the machine
did 2 extra rinses afterwards (so no trace of bubbles, just plain water)

then line dried in the sunshine.
(some had a few stains too but the sunshine left them all bright white!)

They are soooo clean now! and smell clean too

honestly as new!

(also id generally use less than half a scoop of powder, a heaped tablespoon should be fine!)

LakeFlyPie Thu 18-Aug-11 22:41:03

Thanks Nannyl.

I'm a bit paranoid about knackering the outer pocket bit but guess it's the inserts which harbour the smell so will try out your 'treatment' on them.

I don't have any Napisan so am going to throw caution to the wind and use orangey soda crystals in lieu grin

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