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my LO smells of pee!!

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highlandbird Wed 17-Aug-11 21:51:19

I'm not sure I'm looking after my LO's nappies correctly as they really whiff when they're a bit wet, I try and change them as regularly as I can (every couple hours) but the pee smell is really strong!!

At the moment I sling them in the nappy bucket with water to soak and then I put them in with my normal wash (40 degrees) with Ecover laundry liquid. I noticed people on here talking about stripping them and putting a net in the bucket etc, I'm clueless about this......any advice / tips greatly received, don't particularly want my LO smelling of pee!! My next question was how to get them soft but I read through and have taken the advice to put them in the tumble drier smile

ps. nappies I use are totsbots (second hand so don't know the name, shaped terry sort of nappy) with wraps, which I change at every nappy change as I can't bear to put a pee-smelling wrap back on him!

nannyl Thu 18-Aug-11 08:58:42

you need to strip them

i was given some second hand nappies a while back and they really smelt of pee.

This happens because over time the detergent builds up in the fabric and holds on to the wee smell.
This is what worked for me. (they were awful so really wanted to go OTT and have it work 1st time)
I soaked for 3 hours in nappy bucket with water + vingegar ( a generous glug in a whole bucket of water)
Then soaked over night in a bucket with nappysan + water in
Then washed in machine at 60 with a tiny bit of bio (<1 tbsp) and some nappisan, and used the extra rinse setting on the machine
did 2 extra rinses afterwards (so no trace of bubbles, just plain water)

then line dried in the sunshine.
(some had a few stains too but the sunshine left them all bright white!)

They are soooo clean now! and smell clean too smile

honestly as new!

highlandbird Thu 18-Aug-11 15:31:28

Brilliant thanks nannyl I'll give that a go and see how I get on! I only have white wine vinegar in the house presumably that will be ok? And no nappisan but some mothercare's own brand nappy soak.

Right, best get on with it then!

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