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Nanny01 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:10:33

Have used cloth before with my last 3 children. This is baby no.5 so would like something different from the totsbots and sandys that I used to use as I would really like something like the above. Won't have a tumble dryer this time so have decided that a pocket nappy might be good used to a have a few fuzzibunz.

What are these like as a a birth to potty nappy if I go for a one size option or should I go for a sized option like I have before as I don't have big babies and hate seeing them look like weebles. Will be using them pretty much from birth as will hopefully have a home birth. Gut feeling is to go sized and sell the smaller sized when out grown.

WhackadoodleDandy Fri 05-Aug-11 22:13:43

Mine are in Wonderoos and Bumgenius, I originally started off with two parters like you've used but I love the pockets, they are so easy.

I have the birth to potty ones and the DC are slighty weeble-esque but I think its cute! We went for birth to potty because its much more cost effective than buying all the sizes as you go, though you could sell the smaller sizes as you go to off set the cost of the bigger ones.

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