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Tips please - Little lamb washables about to be delivered - what else do I need, how to look after them?

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orchidee Thu 04-Aug-11 09:36:08

Thanks in advance

I'm expecting a delivery of pre-loved Little lamb microfibre nappies and would appreciate any tips on how to use and care for them and ideas of what else would be useful to buy (e.g. flushable liners? nappy sack? Brand recommendations? And are there any actual shops that are good to buy these things, rather than buying online?) Also, are you a fan of wet or dry pailing?

My baby is 3 months old.

The delivery should contain: (taken from website, numbers not exactly what I'm getting but roughly the same)
Shaped Nappies (20 size 1's and 20 size 2's)
Boosters (Loose in the size 1's and sewn in to the size 2's)
Washable Liners (20 of each size)
Wraps (6 size 1's and 6 size 2's)
Lidded bin

nannyl Thu 04-Aug-11 14:10:56

if they have been pre-loved you probably want to strip wash them to make he completley clean for your little one.

To do this
1) smell them... if there is even a hint of wee smell soak in a water / vingear solution for a few hours or over night. Im talking a bucket full of water, a "glug" of vinegar. (not too much!)
In machine and give them a rinse
wash at 60C with a tiny amount of detergent and a table spoon of napisan, and select extra rinse if your washing machine has that setting.
Do another rinse afterwards as well, and if it looks like there are bubbles in the machine keep doing rinses until the water looks clear.

they will then be lovely and fresh for you childs bum.

Most people dry pail now a days. (get some tea tree oil and put a few drops at bottom of nappy bucket so it doesnt smell --too bad--)

also get a laundry mesh thing to line your bucket with... then when its time to wash you can just throw it all in the machine, and not have to touch / handle the dirty nappys.

You might want a "wet bag" to keep wet nappies in when out and bout (or just use a nappy sac, tie it, and empty soiled nappy into nappy bin once home)

In future when you wash nappies
1) Rinse first (if you dry pail)
2) wash using a SMALL amount of detergent, half to a quater of what is suggested, or 1 tablespoon of a normal powder IS ENOUGH.

If you use too much detergent the nappies will smell of wee as soon as wet, and be more likely to give baby nappy rash, so be very careful not to use too much.

From time to time (perhaps 3 monthly) do a strip wash as above, as even when you only use a small amount of detergent, it will build up over time. The more detergent you use, the more often nappies will need stripping

CitizenOscar Thu 15-Sep-11 10:05:49

I have a related Q:
- do little lambs size 1s really fit a 3mo?

I've been given some by a friend but they look too small for my 3mo DS? I've just started rummaging in the bag of mixed nappies she gave me so I haven't tried them yet but I think there are more LL ones in there than anything else so hoping they will fit.

Any reassurance?

PoppyDoolally Sat 17-Sep-11 21:08:16

Sadly my DS grew out of his size 1s at 4 months sad but he is a big boy. Still, he wasn't as heavy as the age range suggested size 1s go to hmm.

Size 2s seem alright so far though.

ungratefulbiped Tue 20-Sep-11 08:56:13

There is a fantastic nappy wash I used with all my different cloth from tots bots. Takes any residual stink right out and it's antibacterial. Think I used to order from

good luck

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