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BG v4 leaking why??

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Honeymoonmummy Wed 03-Aug-11 22:24:13

Hi all,

I've just taken the reusable plunge for the first time and got a batch of 15 used BG v4 from eBay. I started using them yesterday with both inserts on my long skinny 4mo and they are wet at the legs, making his bodysuits wet around the legs, every time. Am I doing something wrong or have I bought some duff nappies? I do also have a couple of brand new v3's and the inner lining of the outer is very tacky on the used ones compared to the new. I try to fasten them so there isn't any gap at the leg but HR has reflux so I can't fasten them too tightly at the tummy. Please help!

Honeymoonmummy Wed 03-Aug-11 22:25:32

Should say bodysuits are damp round the crotch, not wet! Also I'm leaving them on for about 3 hrs and not overnight yet. He's not an overly heavy wetter.

sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 03-Aug-11 22:25:35

i often have leaks with BG4 - i think the inserts are not absorbant enough. we either change after 2 .5 hrs or add a hemp or terry booster whicg solves the problem

Honeymoonmummy Wed 03-Aug-11 22:42:13

So do you have the two inserts PLUS the booster? Does this go inside the nappy or just lie against the baby's skin? Where can I get them from?

sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 03-Aug-11 22:48:30

i buy my boosters from the nappy lady website. I wap the smaller booster for a terry/hemo and stuff them inside with the bigger microfibre. the other thing is if you are just getting damp crotches is how tight are his vests - you may find goijg for a bigger side vest stops this woicking effect. DD is almost 2 and has always been a very heavy wetter, she's now almost ready to potty train so holds on her wees for ages then pees a huge lake so I may not be totoally representative in my experiences

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