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Nappy brands?

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WaitingForBabyD Thu 21-Jul-11 11:39:02

I’m due in 5 weeks and planning on using disposable nappies. I’ve bought some pampers newborn to use straight away as I got lots of vouchers for them through Boots etc. Just wondering what experiences are with other brands for when we’re buying more; which do you prefer any why? Any brand I should definitely avoid, why so?

MotherPanda Thu 21-Jul-11 11:45:31

I prefer Huggies and Nature Babycare - as they are better for sensitive skin. Buy lots of different brands - because every baby is different, its good to try them all out. I have some pampers, huggies, nature babycare, and sainsbury's own.

I don't think any brands are evil - although i don't like pampers very much because they feel plasticy, and my friend was saying that theyre not very good for little boy babies as they have these little holes that willies can get stuck in!

I like huggies because they are soft and made of organic cotton,

and Nature Babycare is kinder to the environment as its made out of corn starch (ooher!)

MrsGogginsShawl Thu 21-Jul-11 12:42:16

Try Aldi or Lidl nappies if you have one near you, even if thats all you'd go in for. They are excellent and won the Mumsnet nappy award.

See here

Lidl came out top and Aldi got a 9.6 too. They are half the price of branded nappies so well worth a try, though best once baby gets to about 10lbs I think.

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