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Traditional Terry Nappies

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wellamI1981 Wed 20-Jul-11 08:39:21

Much to my husband's annoyance I would love to give them a go. Is this even feasible? How do they compare with the new dangled washables which are more than I was wanting to spend? What do you need to get started and how do you look after them? A lot of questions I know! DC is 15 weeks.

wellamI1981 Wed 20-Jul-11 08:39:45

Ha ha new fangled!

CatWithKittens Wed 20-Jul-11 09:49:30

We have used them for four children - at one time having all of them in nappies at least part of the time and DD2 (4.3) still wears them at night as did DS2 (6.8) until we started using an alarm a couple of weeks ago with him. Terries are cheap, quick to dry, adaptable to different sizes and shapes and can be used in multiples at night for older children if necessary, though bigger than standard 60cm ones are available too. (When he got older our eldest said they were more comfortable than the disposables we tried on holiday once - he said, and you could see what he meant, that there was a lot of sticky plastic touching him with disposables. What is more the disposables leaked because there was nothing absorbent at the side.) We have always used 'old fashioned' plastic pants and have had very few leaks over the years and none of the children suffered nappy rash to any great extent - a little skin reddening when teething sometimes but nothing that was really bad. I'd encourage anyone to try terries at least - the Nappy Lady site has a whole range of folds to try. My DH was sceptical at first but cash was quite a good argument and we are sure we have saved a very great deal of mony over the years, especially as they were all, as my GP kindly put it, 'at the upper end of normal' for becoming dry at night!

CatWithKittens Wed 20-Jul-11 09:53:24

I ought to have said it is worth buying the best and thickest terries you can find - they last longer, are both softer and far more absorbent and don't take much longer to dry than cheaper ones.

hormonalmum Wed 20-Jul-11 13:48:58

I use terry nappies,pins and motherease wraps. I have used them for all 3 of my children. I did use plastic pants with my oldest dc as I had not discovered motherease (and lots of others) wraps at that point.
All I do is dry pail them in a bucket with lid. I have bought some cheap fleeces which I use as liners, so the whole lot goes in there (minus pins and after sluicing if required) until the bucket is full! Then I wash on 40, occassionally 60 and mainly line dry.
It is less hassle than walking to the outside bin with a disposable nappy imo.
and it saves money!

I do use disposable nappies at night now and on holiday. My oldest dc is 6 and still in nappies at night - I would use terries at night but the fit of the largest wrap is not comfortable anymore.

There are loads of folds -I use one or two - it's just what you are comfortable with. 15 weeks is a great age to start trying them out.

Also, if you do buy some and they are not for you -you will not have wasted loads of money as the outlay is not huge; especiallyif you try the plastic pants option first.
Instead of pins you could use nappy nippas. Dh uses these when he is doing the nappies but I cannot get to grips with them so stick to the pins.
You can buy plastic pants, terry nappies and pins at Boots and mothercare too I think!

Hope that helps

peachybums Fri 22-Jul-11 20:56:12

We use terries for night time and we dry pail and wash at 60. I use a mixture of wraps and we use nappy nippas as DD2 is super wriggly! Ive never had a leak with a terry.

Good advice about buying best you can but also biggest you can as u can always fold down but cant make bigger lol.

FloweryBoots Tue 26-Jul-11 15:16:31

I use terries and have done since DS was 5 weeks. They are fab! I've got a few other odds and ends that I've inherited but stick to my terries. They dry SOOO much quicker and easier then all the shaped nappies and practically never leak. I have found one is not enough for my DS at night so was using disposables but now have some bamboo boosters or put two on at once.

I use mother ease wraps with them and highly recomend nappy nippas instead of pins. The traditional plastic pants are cheaper then other wraps but they don't last as long, and you can often pick up wraps second hand on ebay cheap.

After use they get shoved in the bucket (after rincing if pooey) and then I wash on 40 or 60 when we have two buckets full, which is about a full load (about every 3 days). Avoid mothercare terries if you can - they are stupidly thin. Boots ones are better but if you can buy a different make over the net it's probably better. My sister has some Junior Joy ones which are much nicer than my Boots ones (but they are thier top range ones, I think they do three types).

AppleAndBlackberry Sat 30-Jul-11 21:17:28

Don't really have any experience of terries but you can get used nappies pretty cheaply if that's of interest to you. I've used and in the past.

user1510061989 Thu 09-Nov-17 15:34:45

I am new to all of this I just like to know as I am 39 weeks preggy and would like to try terry towelling nappies.What goes with it aside from the terry squares and where I might buy them?

Eeeeek2 Wed 22-Nov-17 21:36:55


You’ll need something to fix the nappy, usually a nappy nippa rather than a pin these days

Plastic pants for over the top called wraps

ThreeTwins Fri 19-Jan-18 21:00:29

Try looking at prefolds nappies as well. Less fiddly folding but still a cheap option, especially if you get them 2nd hand. There are lots of Facebook groups like "cloth bum mums - fluffy advice and chat" which are great for advice and buying 2nd hand nappies.

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