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Cloth nappies in the shops?

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TabithaTwitchet Fri 15-Jul-11 10:17:09

Are there any shops where you can buy cloth nappies, rather than by mail order?

My mum wants to get some cloth nappies to keep at her house and use for DD when we come to visit.

She is able to get money back from the council for this - but she doesn't have a credit card, or internet access at home. I would happily buy them on mine, but worry that it might invalidate the claim for council money back if the buyer and billing address is in a different area. Also she would like to actually look and feel before buying.

I know Waitrose used to sell individual cloth nappies (motherease and pop-ins) - do they still do this? Any other shops which you can buy individual or small packs of cloth nappies from? (not sure she would want to go to a "nappucino", plus she works full time anyway)


Yeni Fri 15-Jul-11 13:21:57

Tesco sells Tots Bots, but not the full range, and Mothercare might have some as well. There might be some independent baby shops near where she lives. There is one near me selling slings, buggies and nappies. You could also look for websites based near her, as many of them are happy for the buyer to collect.

smallsheep Fri 15-Jul-11 14:06:50

You do need to be careful with the vouchers, most do insist that the name and address on the voucher match the one on the receipt, it would be worth checking their terms.
Have you had a look on GoReal ( to see if there is a stockist or maybe a nappy advisor near, so she can have a look and feel and be shown how it all works.

TabithaTwitchet Fri 15-Jul-11 15:45:16

Thanks so much, at website is great. Have found a stockist just down the road from her, fantastic! grin

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